It’s Trump time in Harrington


HARRINGTON – People began arriving at the Delaware State Fairgrounds at 7 a.m. today, even though Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump isn’t expected to be there until 4 p.m.

Gates to the Quillen Arena, where the rally is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m., will open at noon.

Although he won’t be of age by the general election in November, 17-year-old Drew Scott of Wilmington took the day off from school to attend the rally with his father, Brian.

“I just like a lot of his policies, like securing our border and improving the economy, we need to bring jobs back home,” Drew said.

“It’s important that he and his friends get passionate about politics,” Mr. Scott said. “The decisions made over the next few years are what will impact his future.”

While hundreds waited in line to get in the arena, they received some free entertainment from country musician Kenny Lee who wrote a song, “The Trump Card,” about the businessman before he had declared his candidacy.

“He’s a straight forward guy who won’t back down from anything and I had a feeling he’d run,” Mr. Lee said. “These next few years are crucial. If something isn’t done soon, China will take over. And not to bash Obama but he’s had seven years to improve this country and unify us and it hasn’t happened.”

Russ Murphy, also known as Grizzly by his friends, stood beside the line with a large American flag in hand.

“We have a unique opportunity to stand up and take control of our nation but that can only happen with Trump in the White House,” he said. “I think a lot of people like what he’s talking about.

Friends Tom Wagner and Jim Carlson of Long Neck came to the event more open minded than most the attendees.

“I just really want to hear everything he has to say,” Mr. Wagner said. “And honestly, I’m sure anything he says will be better than what Hillary Clinton says.”

Mr. Carlson said Mr. Trump’s most appealing factor is his slogan “Make America Great Again.”

“I think he’s someone who can improve out nation and it seems like he will do anything to get that done,” he said.

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