U.S. Rep. Blunt Rochester re-elected with ease

WILMINGTON — Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester easily defeated Scott Walker Tuesday to win a second term as Delaware’s lone member of the lower house of Congress.

Rep. Blunt Rochester, a Democrat first elected in 2016, received 64.5 percent of the vote. She was the leading vote-getter among all Delaware candidates.

It was a historic night, she said, at one point struggling for words.

“This election was for the soul of our country,” she proclaimed. “This election was to say that rhetoric, negativity, hate, racism, sexism, all the of those -isms do not work in this country.”

It’s been a strange race, with Mr. Walker being disavowed by his party amidst a series of bizarre Facebook posts and feuds with Republican leadership.

Rep. Blunt Rochester mostly avoided engaging with him, focusing instead on key issues and on running a positive campaign.

Like Sen. Tom Carper, who was also re-elected Tuesday, her priorities include opposing the Trump administration in many of its goals.

She said last month she hoped Congress could make some progress on issues like infrastructure, immigration and health care if Democrats won back the House.

“Elections belong to the people, and our victory today does as well,” she said Tuesday. “Voters across the country marched in the streets, stepped up to run for office, knocked doors and organized their friends and family to exercise their right to vote ensuring their voices were heard.

“When we come together, when we speak with a collective voice we move our country forward and create a government that more closely represents our core values.”

With myriad factors in her favor — she outraised Mr. Walker $1.204 million to zero — she was expected to win handily.

Mr. Walker, who could not be reached for comment after results came in, was perhaps best known for his handmade, hand-painted signs that dotted the state’s roadways in all three counties.

He said earlier Tuesday he spent several hours on election day waiting for someone to pull his car out of the mud after it got stuck near Wilmington — a fitting end to an unorthodox campaign.

Rep. Blunt Rochester, the first woman and the first African-American Delaware has ever sent to Congress, won a six-way primary to earn her party’s nomination in 2016 and then won the general election with 55.5 percent of the vote.


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