Unnamed Dover police chief selected pending council vote

DOVER — An undisclosed candidate was offered and accepted the opportunity to become the City of Dover’s next police chief on Tuesday afternoon.

Now it’s up to a majority of city council members (five votes needed) to approve the proposed hire at next Monday night’s regularly scheduled meeting at city hall. The candidate won’t be identified publicly until then.

Mayor Robin R. Christiansen, who oversees the police department, and the city’s selection committee met in closed session from 12:30 p.m. to about 2:15 p.m. Tuesday to finalize their choice. The mayor had earlier hoped to have the process completed by December, but sounded comfortable with the timeline that emerged.

“It didn’t quite go as quickly as originally hoped for but I think we practiced a due diligence and thoroughness that was required to best serve the citizens of Dover,” he said.

The mayor said he felt confident that the police chief candidate will be approved by council.

Six candidates — five men and a woman — survived from an initial pool of 22 applicants that the mayor described as “some local, some not local.”

Not among the finalists was acting police chief Capt. Tim Stump, who said from the outset he would not seek the job. Capt. Stump has guided the department since May 17, following the retirement of Marvin Mailey.

Other selection committee members include City Manager Donna S. Mitchell, Human Resources Director Kim Hawkins, Council President William F. Hare and Safety Advisory and Transportation Committee chairman Ralph L. Taylor Jr. City Clerk Traci McDowell has been involved in the process as well.