Unopposed Rep. Dukes responds to survey for 40th District

40th District

In the leadup to Nov. 8’s election, the Delaware State News will be running questionnaires from various candidates. If you’ve missed any, visit and click on the “vote 2016” tab.

The 40th Representative District is the Laurel area. Timothy Dukes is unopposed.

Timothy D. Dukes, Republican

Age: 52

Occupation: Pastor

vote-logo-2016Family: Wife Dorothy, three daughters and one son, one granddaughter

Elective experience: Running for third term

1. What would be your top priority in this office?

Dukes: Child support reform, addressing the drug epidemic and addressing the issue of state overspending.

2. If you could change one state policy or law, what would it be?

Dukes: Redefining the goals and purpose of the death penalty in the state.

3. Do you support raising the minimum wage?

Dukes: No.

Timothy Dukes

Timothy D. Dukes

4. How can the state best create jobs?

Dukes: Do away with the bureaucracy and red tape of state agency’s that slow down job growth. Create an atmosphere with tax incentives that makes it exciting for small businesses to do business in Delaware.

5. Would you vote for legislation reinstating the death penalty?

Dukes: Yes.

6. Should the state make changes to its laws on marijuana?

Dukes: No.

7. Should the state lower the tax rates on the casinos, do nothing or take some other step to provide relief?

Dukes: Yes, the state needs to reform the taxation on the casinos. The taxes need to be reduced to 2008 levels. They need to be treated like any business with right and fair taxes. The tax is too high. We need to reduce the tax and then let the casinos run their own business.

8. What changes would you make to the Department of Education?

Dukes: Everything starts with leadership and direction. We are in the top percentile for spending but are not near the top with results. We need to deliver more decision to the local district. Let’s continue to reduce state, federal and local testing so that teachers can do what they are hired to do: educate our students.

9. Does the state spend too much, too little or the right amount?

Dukes: One thing that I am proud of is our state parks. I would support increased spending to our state parks. It is a true benefit to our state that will outlive all of us. Let’s leave something worth value to our children and grandchildren.

10. What should be done, if anything, to increase revenue for the state or cut spending?

Dukes: New assessment of the budget, bond bill and grants-in-aid. Require every secretary take a shot at reducing their budget before it is submitted to the governor. Recommend to every agency and department to perform an independent audit on all spending.

11. Do changes need to be made in the state’s employee health care structure?

Dukes: We need to open up the state lines for more competition that has the ability to drive down cost because of competition.

12. What should be done to impact the state’s heroin crisis?

Dukes: I sponsored House Bill 239 this past session. This bill creates the crime of drug dealing — resulting in death. This purpose of this bill is to address the recent spike in deaths resulting from substances such as heroin and fentanyl. We need to continue to address this issue because it is one of the most pressing issues that we face. There will be more legislation coming this session.

13. How can the state best continue to fund road and bridge projects?

Dukes: By using the Transportation Trust Fund for what it was intended to do. If we would be more responsible and accountable with our spending, I would consider a minimal gas tax.

14. Anything else?

Dukes: We have to strive to work together with a bipartisan spirit that honors every resident in the great state of Delaware.

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