Wall of Honor in Harrington vandalized

HARRINGTON — Vandals caused thousands of dollars of damage recently in Harrington by destroying part of the historical society’s Wall of Honor.

The brick wall featuring names of loved ones and other local groups on tiles sits behind the Harrington Museum maintained by the Greater Harrington Historical Society.

“There were six to eight bricks which were broken out of the top of the wall that we just had completed. Those were like the foundation bricks. And the brick tiles that the people have their names on go over them,” Museum Curator Doug Poore said.

The bricks that were broken out were still waiting to be filled in with tiles. But the vandals took it upon themselves to gauge names of people already listed on other tiles into the broken-out bricks.

“We’ll probably be getting the estimate tomorrow from the insurance company, but it will probably be between $8,000 and $10,000. They didn’t damage just one small little tile,” he added.

Funds raised through the sale of the tiles help support the mission of the organization and, ultimately, expansion.

“Due to the generous nature of the people that have lived in the area and still do, and their donation of artifacts, we’ve filled up the current space. In order to continue to get artifacts in and to exhibit artifacts properly, we need to expand,” Mr. Poore said.

“We’ll also adding room for research and genealogy. We have filing cabinets full of documents. But, it’s just in our office. We have to give them a space to work. In the expansion, we’re trying for a multi-purpose room for folks to use.”

Harrington Police Chief Norman Barlow says the department has no leads in this case.

“It’s frustration more than anything else. The goal of the museum has always been to preserve the history of the area. To see someone destroy that, those tiles that were dedicated to family members. … The insurance can cover the damage. It’s just the frustration that the organization that’s trying to save the history of the town has been hurt,” Mr. Poore said.

Tiles for the bricks are still being sold by the Greater Harrington Historical Society for $50, $125 and $250 depending on the size. They can be purchased on the society’s website by clicking on the brick at the top at https://ghhsociety.org/ or by calling 302-398-3698 or 302-670-6158.

Tips in this case can be given by calling the police crime tip cell phone at 302-233-1493.


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