Water main break affects Walker Road area

City of Dover workers fix a water main on Walker Road in Dover on Thursday. (Delaware State News/Marc Clery)

DOVER — A major water main break that occurred on Walker Road near Bicentennial Village on Thursday created one-way traffic and spiced up the morning and evening commutes for many residents in the area.

It also left some people in neighborhoods and businesses around the site of the break without water for much of the day.

Kay Sass, public affairs and emergency management coordinator for the city of Dover, said it expected to take around eight hours for city and Teal Construction workers to fix the problem and get things running properly again. They were still working on the water main at 4 p.m. Thursday.

“We had a water main break on Walker Road at around 6:45 a.m. and it was an active water main break,” Ms. Sass said. “We did bring in a private contractor (Teal Construction) to assist because there were some associated road failures due to the amount of water involved.”

The water main break happened near the intersection of Walker Road and Independence Drive near Bicentennial Village.

The break occurred on the eastbound lane of Walker Road just past Independence Drive. The eastbound lane of Walker Road was closed for about a block while workers made repairs.

Flag personnel kept traffic flowing throughout the repairs.

Water breaks through the surface of Walker Road in Dover on Thursday after a major
water main break occurred. (Submitted photo)

“There was only one side of the road that needed to be closed,” Ms. Sass said. “We made sure we were able to maintain all forms of regress in the area.”

A couple of nursing homes, including Cadia Healthcare Capitol and Heritage at Dover, were affected temporarily by the water main break.

Gary Hollinger, administrator for Cadia Healthcare Capitol, said things were pretty much back to normal at around 2 on Thursday afternoon.

“They have solved our problems,” Mr. Hollinger said. “It was a water main break out on Walker Road. We had plenty of emergency water to use as back up and we’re fine.

“Thank goodness for the city of Dover water crew. They came out and resolved the problem quickly.”

Will Garfinkel lives on Freedom Drive and said his backyard was a pond on Thursday morning due to the water main break.

“They’ve been working on it all day,” Mr. Garfinkel said. “They’ve got three or four pieces of heavy equipment out there working on the road.

“I know my backyard was a pond. I’ve had a problem with the drainage recently. The pond today was from the water main break. Actually, I haven’t had any reduction of water (inside the house) at all. Maybe I’m not on the pipe that was broken.”

Mr. Garfinkel said that he is not an engineer but did have a theory as to why the water main broke on Walker Road.

“My thought is since this is not a road designed for trucks, all of the truck traffic that comes down Walker Road led to the water main break,” he said. “I don’t know why it broke after all this time, but maybe it’s from all the truck traffic that’s been on this road.

“They have been fixing up Liberty Court (Apartments) and there have been big trucks filled with construction materials that have been shaking up the road. I know this road bed was not made for trucks.”

It obviously wasn’t made for one-way traffic, either.

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