Wyoming to vote in town council election

WYOMING — On Saturday, Feb. 29, Wyoming residents can go to the polls from 1 to 8 p.m. at the Wyoming Municipal Building at 1 N. Railroad Ave.

While Steven Bilbrough is running unopposed for Wyoming mayor, Kyle Dixon, Seth Greenberg, and Tracy Johovic are competing for two town council seats. Jeff Gravatt initially filed as a council candidate, but dropped out on Feb. 17 due to time constraints.

Absentee ballots are available upon request. For more information, call town hall at 697-2966.


(Running unopposed)

Name: Steve Bilbrough

Age: 32

Occupation: Special Education Teacher.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Wilmington University.

How long lived in Wyoming: Eight years.

Previous elected offices: None.

Why do you want to become mayor?

I decided to run for mayor of Wyoming because I have a strong desire to improve our community. I started attending town hall meetings and quickly found that I was not satisfied with the direction of the town under its current leadership. It is my desire to see Wyoming have more family-friendly events and family-oriented businesses. The town of Wyoming is very unique and charming and it has a lot more to offer its residents.

What are the most important issues to Wyoming’s future?

Some of the issues that I wish to address in the future is the stability of the town’s police department. The town has struggled to keep the police department fully staffed and I, along with the help of town council, will seek ways to help address this issue. I will also look for unique ways to cut spending and utilize those funds in more appropriate areas to better benefit the town residents. It is also my goal to have the town of Wyoming operate in a more transparent manner. I believe the first step to becoming more transparent is by utilizing audio recording for all town council meetings.


(Two seats open)

Name: Kyle Dixon

Age: 39

Education: 1999 Caesar Rodney High graduate; 2005 Wilmington University graduate, B.S. in Middle Level Education; 2017 Wilmington University graduate, M.Ed. Masters of Instruction.

Occupation: Seventh-grade math teacher at Fred Fifer III Middle School.

How long lived in Wyoming: 37 years.

Previous elected offices: Town of Wyoming council, elected in 2014, 2016 and 2018.

Family: Wife Natalie, three children

Name: Seth Greenberg

Age: 34

Education: College.

Occupation: Emergency vehicle technician.

How long lived in Wyoming: Three years.

Previous elected offices: None.

Family: Wife and two children.

Name: Tracy Johovic

Age: 47

Education: Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Pittsburgh.

Occupation: Full-time Dover Skating Center manager; Part-time Christiana Skating Center manager.

How long lived in Wyoming: Approximately 2 1/2 years.

Previous elected offices: Town of Wyoming council, filled vacancy in October 2019.

Family: Husband, two daughters. Have raised 11 children in blended family.

Why do you want to serve on town council?

DIXON: I will be raising my family in the town of Wyoming. I want to continue the work I started six years ago when I was first elected to town council. It is my hope to do what I can to make the town of Wyoming a safe and family-oriented environment for all citizens.

GREENBERG: To help improve the quality of life for Wyoming residents and business owners by making sure their voices are heard.

JOHOVIC: I am interested in serving on Wyoming’s Town Council because I love the town and want to play a vital role in shaping its future. I have always believed in giving back and being active in one’s community. It is my responsibility. If we, the citizens, don’t take an interest, then who will?

What are the most important issues to Wyoming’s future?

DIXON: I would like to see our community continue to prosper in a manner consistent with the small town atmosphere that already exists. I feel it is important to promote small businesses, family-oriented activities and responsibility in managing the town’s finances.

GREENBERG: Historical and community preservation and infrastructure.

JOHOVIC: Some of the issues I believe to be important to Wyoming’s future are a growth in small businesses while maintaining its small-town feel and strong sense of community, a fully staffed police force, improvement of some of the town’s infrastructure, improvement of the town’s amenities, and a continuation and increase in the number of free community events hosted by Wyoming.

I want Wyoming to prosper and continue to be a town that people are proud to live in. It’s important for Wyoming to continue to be a tight-knit community where neighbors know one another and look out for each other, especially in this ever-changing and increasingly violent world we live in.

Also, because so many people enjoy the free community events hosted by the town and their ability to foster positive public relations, I’d like for these events to continue and eventually increase in frequency.

Anything else to add?

DIXON: Having lived in the town for nearly all of my life, I have an appreciation for the quality of life that our citizens enjoy. I want to do my part to maintain this in the years to come.

GREENBERG: In addition to being appointed to the Wyoming Planning and Zoning Commission and serving for the past two years, I have also volunteered to help out with the Wyoming Peach Festival for the past three years.

I am a strong supporter of events like the Peach Festival since they promote communal harmony and help our town carry an important message from past generations to the present and future.