Don’t forget to get out and vote on Nov 6. I know you don’t see much of Justin King, who is running for the 17th Senate District, in the public eye. That is because he is so busy taking care of things that are more important to him, which is his family and taking care of the town of Camden as the mayor. He is such a caring and honest man and the 17th Senate District needs an honest senator. He will do great things for the people of Delaware.

As a resident of Camden for seven years and having Justin King as the mayor for six of those years, we have not had a tax increase in the whole six years. He has balanced the budget every year. Can any other politician in Delaware or the whole U.S. say that?

He deserves to be our next 17th District senator. Please vote for Justin King. You will never be sorry you did and the people in the 17th District will be so proud of your senator.

Remember, if you don’t vote, you have no say.

Darlene Bennett

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