A new voice in Jim Callaway

For me, the keys to a successful democracy are compromise and open-mindedness to hear all voices and opinions. In this age of increased partisanship at the national level and with a lack of term limits throughout the layers of government, it’s important we hold the basic principles of governing near and dear to our hearts.

Interestingly, I am an issue voter, one who leans left if push comes to shove. Despite that, I am readily able and willing to “cross the aisle” if you will, to fully support a man of integrity, honesty, and open communication. Jim Calloway delivers these qualities, and just as importantly, he’s a new voice for the Levy Court in Kent County.

Political leanings mean nothing, I’m supporting the man who brings the most credibility and open-mindedness to the position. I’ve dealt with Jim in business; all of the aforementioned qualities hold true.

Rob Simpson

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jim Callaway, a Republican, faces Democrat Terry Pepper for the at-large seat on Kent County Levy Court.

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