Address the root cause of people’s frustration with politics

Since last election cycle, I completely lost interest in politics and lost hope for future. One side has more entertaining value than real qualification to run a country; the other side does not generate interest and trust to get us on board with their vision. Then our frustration showed on Election Day and shocked the world with our desperate choice.

For three years, it seems like all major TV network journalists are sitting at their desk waiting for Trump’s tweet and start to write about how absurd they are. They treated his election as an accident and built the narrative that if he is out, everything will be good again. They never went for the root cause: why did Trump win despite half of funding and overwhelmingly low polls with negative media coverage? How come his diagnosis of people’s pain and frustration resonates with people?

Look around, even “well off” people are struggling with two full-time jobs and two kids’ day care expenses; our kids’ daycare teachers are working long hours with minimum wage no benefits; our retired parents/in-law worked till 69 years old worried increasing food price will eat up their fixed income.

A lot of high quality stores are closing. Only discount store such as Ross, Marshalls and ALDI are surviving. The restaurants are replacing waiters with ipad; my doctor’s office reduced their front desk staffing with tablets signing in. Not just these relatively low-skilled jobs, my co-worker told me our group used to have 30 engineers in early 2000s to do currently seven engineers’ work because our software is more advancing now and process is streamlined.

Technology is coming for everyone’s jobs. It makes stuff cheap but we are also losing our livelihood to them and still can not afford it.

Recently, a podcast interview brought my attention to an unknown presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, who sounds like a futurist coming back to tell us what’s ahead if we continue down this self-destructive path.

It is financial insecurity, it is inability to see the path forward, it is scarcity mindset that if you get it I do not so I hate you and blame you for all my problems. All of our fear and frustration rooted in those.

And first time we are treated as we can handle the ugly truth and still stay optimistic to move forward in smart ways.

Andrew Yang’s “human-centered capitalism” is putting us on the key performance matrix to measure our economic growth instead of us as cost in company’s financial report. His new vision of “work” empower those who nurture our kids, take care of elderly instead of only those who bring home a paycheck. His universal basic income raises the floor thus we are free to explore without fear of falling into cracks even after failures. His message is unifying people of all different walks of life to feel hope for future.

As journalists in major media failed us in last three years, they did not seem to be inspired by a new and uplifting voice. All they were doing is to act as if they already made the choice for us, throwing their “preferred” candidates down our throat instead of presenting the facts and leave us to decide.

We unsubscribed the cable and started using internet and local news platform to seek the truth for us and our kids. Hope they will be proud that we made a good choice for them and set them on right path when they are old enough to write about us.

Grace Killian is a resident of Middletown.

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