The Affordable Care Act is dying on the vine

Why is it that our revered Democratic political wizards in Washington, D.C., are doing all within their power to maintain the Affordable Care Act — ObamaCare? This disastrous, though well-intentioned, law was formatted and finalized in a rapidly escalated, partisan bill that was deemed to be the solution and salvation for any health care insurance coverage concerns. Of course, we all know what the road to you-know-where is paved with.

Why do our own Delaware senators continue to state that all the ACA requires is a few tweaks, a small revamp here and there, and all will be well? How about “revoke”? The Democratic senators do not see the forest for the trees. The insurance providers of the exchanges throughout the country are hemorrhaging money and evacuating their commitment to the ACA due to this catastrophic, disastrous plan. It is without question a majorly flawed, ineffective program.

It must be repealed and replaced as soon as possible by a truly effective health care program that will not suffer the identical fate of ObamaCare. The Senate now has the revised House health care bill. The Senate will make any corrective revisions providing Americans with a strong, effective health care bill that will entitle them to affordable, productive health care coverage. The inclusion of the clear-cut coverage for pre-existing conditions and ensuring a child will be covered on his/her parents’ health care plan until he/she is 26 years of age reassure Americans that the Republicans’ plan will work successfully for all.

The ACA was conceived and instituted by President Obama, (then-) House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Nevada Senator Harry Reid, [who] finalized and propelled it on Christmas Eve in Harry’s back room in the middle of the night. Apparently, no “wise” men/women were in that room!

America is in a complete ACA health care tumultuous meltdown. The Democrats must discontinue their futile efforts to maintain keeping in place ObamaCare. They must come to the realization that the ACA is irrefutably dead in the water. Repetitively, the Democratic senators state that the Republicans should work with them to infuse support, deliverance and rescue of ObamaCare so they can commend themselves that they were able to save their comatose health care plan. Talk about a lost cause. Why don’t they work with Republicans who are actively trying to improve America’s health care program — minus the ObamaCare nightmare? Do they believe they would be viewed as unfaithful to our past president if they jointly worked across the aisle to create a positive, effective health care system? It does appear their priority is the past. They must be reminded to reaffirm their commitment to America with contributions to the new American Healthcare Act that will embody the input of wise men and women who will decree a constructive health care directive that America desperately requires. The past is history. Our present and future are the imperative actions that should be mandated. Wake up, Senators!

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan


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