LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Blunt Rochester – no way!

We are seniors spending $20,000 on health care annually and we are healthy. Thanks to Lisa Blunt Rochester and her healthcare politics. But that isn’t the worse! Aren’t the Democrats pushing the Euthanasia Bill? So killing seniors who have health issues is okay?

Our Delaware Democrats did not even consider lowering the age of sexual consent in Delaware which stands at 11 years of age, a mere child, but they lowered the marriage age to 17. Did they even consider that would result in more abortions? If you cannot marry the daddy what do you do?

Lisa Blunt Rochester is pro abortion and killing her own as 45 percent of abortions are black babies. One-third of the black race has been destroyed, over 2,000,000 babies! Has Lisa ever studied the woman responsible for Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, who called black babies “human weeds that need to be destroyed?” Lisa is helping carry on her legacy! Democrats also have pushed their agenda to align with Roe vs Wade to kill babies in the womb up to 9 months!

Lisa cares more about illegal immigrants providing them benefits that we can not get as Americans, killing the unborn, wants to kill the sick and elderly, and then wants us to foot the bill for all of the overspending as Democrats can not ever lower the budget. What the Democrats have done for veterans in the past is despicable with thousands dying waiting for healthcare!

NO to Lisa Blunt Rochester! Vote for pro life vandidates and change the evil direction of this state and nation!

Esther Clark

Anglicans for Life Advocate

Right to Life Advocate


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