Candlelight Walk commemorates unborn babies

On June 8, over 100 people will converge on the charming city of Milford for the second annual Candlelight Walk for Life. They will come not only to enjoy the refreshing Mispillion Riverwalk but also to mourn the loss and bring awareness of tiny unborn boys and girls who have lost their lives. Five thousand prenatal humans in Delaware have lost their lives to abortion violence since the passage of Senate Bill 5 in 2017, also known as the “late term abortion bill.” Their lives were cut tragically short but their memory lives on at this solemn gathering of remembrance.

Gov. Carney signed Senate Bill 5 into law on June 8, 2017. Not only did it repeal Delaware’s unenforceable prohibitions on abortion, but it also repealed Delaware’s 20-week prohibition. As a result, we have no gestational limit on abortion in the state of Delaware.

While proponents claimed that SB5 codified Roe, in reality it is significantly more permissive than what the Supreme Court requires. In Casey, a followup case to Roe, the Supreme Court specifically upheld a 24-week gestational limit on the basis that babies are considered viable when born at 24 weeks. And yet Delaware does not have a 24-week limit or any limit based on gestation. It was the extreme permissiveness of SB5 that inspired us to hold the first Candlelight Walk for Life a year later.

Jordan Warfel

There is no room for judgment or hate at the Candlelight Walk. It is simply a way to express our loss and bring awareness. The Candlelight Walk begins at Bicentennial Park and makes a one-mile loop downtown. The only candles, signs and literature allowed are those provided by the organizers in the solemn spirit of this event. Candlelight is a nonpartisan organization and will feature speeches by both a Democrat and Republican elected official.

The Candlelight Walk is also a way to bring awareness of the violent nature of abortion. Signs feature beautiful little children in the first trimester. Participants are pleased to be able to carry these adorable signs which are provided by the walk organizers free of charge.

The reason we walk is because loves casts out fear, truth casts out deception, and peace casts out violence. It is this commitment to non-violence that drives us to show up and light our candles. Simply put, we believe that peaceful action is the solution to the difficult situations faced by women with unwanted pregnancies. While many in our culture believe that violent abortions are the solution for women, we reject violence categorically.

It is a commitment to non-violence that is the heart and soul of the pro-life movement. Real equality cannot come through violence. Real justice is not achieved by killing the weakest among us. Only love can bring real equality and justice for all. If you share our commitment to peace and non-violence, you belong with us.

Jordan Warfel is the founder and President of the Candlelight Walk for Life. Learn more at

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