Changing the GOP is painful but necessary

This year, 2018, has introduced a quite unique Republican Party in this small but wonderful state of Delaware. The upcoming primary elections prove to be an attention getter. I am particularly watching the diversity in the present Republican Party. Many feel the Republican Party can be a “good ole boys” network. And, it can just like any other organization that influences segments of society. However, with all of the polarization that is presented to the general public, it would be wise to watch what a person does, instead of listening to what is said.

So what shall we say to what is presently heating up to be a primary of certain transition of the Republican Party? We should say ABOUT TIME! Too often the polarization is due to ignorance of cultures. For those who have issues with color, the browning of America is here. In the millennial generation, hip-hop overrules race; another rebirth of the Motown music and cultural transformation.

I submit to you that on any bird there must be two wings: left and right. If this aerodynamic requirement is absent, the bird will never fly or at best go in circles while grounded. I don’t dislike Democrats. Nor, do I worship Republicans. I love my country. My government needs change, badly! Am I saying the Republican Party is the answer? NO! As a whole the Republican Party is the same as the Democratic Party; consisting of human beings who possess a proclivity to be flawed. In both parties dirt (being gracious with the description) is being slung back and forth in an effort to secure victories. But, through it all, we have a democratic process that must be adhered to.

Candidates are as diverse as the reasons and platforms for them desiring election. Take for instance the U.S. Senate Republican primary. Two qualified candidates will face off very soon for the nomination of the party. Both have unique qualifications. Yet, one brings a complete new dynamic to the Republican Party; or at least out in the open. In return, there are barbs being fired. But, at the end of the day, Gene Truono has caused many to come to grips with preconceived notions and generational biases. While many may oppose same-sex marriage, it was made legal. One does not have to condone, nor agree with another.

Yet, there must be respect at the lowest level of existence; humanity. I don’t fear or hate anyone that is different than me. As a matter of fact, I try to understand and communicate with all which does not equate agreement. Never will I agree with everything someone says. Yet, it is not my intention to disrespect anyone; nor BE disrespected with old mindsets and habits that have plagued the party on many fronts. For the Republican Party to be reflective of the population of the United States there must be changes beginning with the minds that allow words to flow and actions to be performed.

Then there is the 17th Senatorial District primary. Two awesome candidates vie for the nomination of the Republican Party. Both are qualified and bring skill sets to the table: badly needed skill sets! Donyale Hall has a truly unique package that I would do injustice in attempting to give all facets of her operation! How can one put her in a box when she never thinks inside one? Creativity often resides outside the boundaries presented. She is like a diamond with many sparkly faces.

Then there is Justin King; a rising star destined to effect change. He is just as amazing with a complete different set of qualifications and skill sets beginning with fiscal oversight. His connection to the community in the Camden/Wyoming area cannot be ignored, nor can his family’s roots in the business community. He is real. Both are on the ground, pounding out their campaign. Both have the potential and possibility of securing the nomination.

Neither represents the normal face of the party, at least the faces I have seen on a regular basis. Yet they both represent multiple segments the population of America. They are both very visible. There will be no coin toss. A choice albeit hard one must be made.

A favorite of mine is the Recorder of Deeds candidate; Gene Thornton. After an introduction and conversation, we have actually crossed paths in the military. She reminded me that the weight for my gear left behind in the military mysteriously attached itself to my body. We shared a good laugh; especially about my hair going AWOL. She is bringing massive qualifications to the office; especially her military background as a colonel, retiring after 27 years.

But wait! Why am I even speaking of the Republican Party? It is against social mores for me to even utter the words according to many! I am an American that happens to be nlack. That seems to offer a sense of rarity according to many. It may be so. I embrace the party not for anything other than a commonality of most basic beliefs that I have. Will it be challenging for many including myself with the new emergence of differing stances, faiths, sexual orientations and social beliefs? Certainly! But, I am challenging the party as well. No longer will there be a misconception that blacks are not Republicans. I do not meet the sweeping insulting statement of Hillary Clinton concerning black males. But, I will give the benefit of a doubt that acceptance, communication and re-education will strengthen the Party as a whole.

From afar, I observed a powerful woman of God first and next a dedicated public servant. Marlene Elliott Brown amazed me at the poise she navigated all the halls of government without compromising her integrity or identity. While I have been in the presence and service of many public servants on many platforms, I was sad concerning her retirement, yet glad for her. She served in such a way as to make me take a closer look at the political process and in particular the Republican Party and how I could represent my fellow Americans especially veterans. The first way would be to tear down the negative stereotypes and misconceptions on all sides. Next, I have to take a page out of Marlene’s book, somewhere between humility and meekness with meekness being her power under control and begin to lovingly re-educate and strengthen individuals.

Finally, I address all those who are Disciples of Christ. There is NO room for any negative commentary if we know that our document of authority, the Bible, is true. Romans 13:1-3 instructs us Who places those in power. And, once those are positioned in authority through the election process, 1 Timothy 2:1-3 gives us our daily marching orders. There is no mention of if we, personally, approve.

There is no mention in the Bible of race, sexual orientation, religious faith as a requirement for membership in the Republican Party or election to any office. Therefore, if a gay person is qualified, willing and available I will consider them for public office. There will always be a concern about some agenda being advanced. It’s not just the gay agenda.

How about it can be a racial or social one as well? I’m loving it as a rarity; a Christian disciple (not cultural Christian), educated, black American that wants the millennials to bum rush the party demanding involvement and proper representation to the issues of today and tomorrow.

Ernest T. Davis II, Th.D., Ph.D.

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