Commentary: Abortion tearing apart country’s very foundation

I wonder if our Founding Fathers were being prophetic when they made life the first right. Did they know that if the nation ever lost the sight of the value of life that the great experiment of America would fail?

We forget that in their time the monarchs had total control over their subject. If the monarch or his representative, acting under his authority wanted to snuff out your life, they could do it. No due process, no rights, except those granted by the king. Also, there are the facts that to secure one’s place in America one had to be able to survive in hostile environments. Death by disease, and violence was not uncommon. Life was of primary importance, and it was granted by God.

The founders knew that, they embraced Ephesians 2:10 “We are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

We live in a society where many states have made peace with shedding the blood of the unborn, even to the extent of promoting it up to and including the ninth month, our state being one of those and the most recent the State of New York Jan.23.

Deuteronomy 21 would suggest that a silent people, one that fails to make openly and unmistakably clear that they will have no part in the shedding of innocent blood, is a people with blood on their hands.

There are always reasons and rationalizations to be silent in the face of the evil that is abortion. Particularly for those who have not directly participated in an abortion, yet we know better.

Righteousness, a righteous cause, is not passive. Is it possible to think we abstain from evil while we passively participate in it?

The Founding Fathers knew that we have liberty, because we embrace life, we embrace the creator of life and the only one who can give us eternal life, Jesus Christ.

We must join our voice, we cannot faint away in the face of adversity.

Abortion, the killing of a baby in the womb is the lynch pin to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. By embracing abortion, we are taking a wrecking ball to the foundation of our country by promoting death. When we are silent and say or do nothing, we are complicit in the destruction of our nation. This fight over abortion is not simply the rights of the women to have control over her body, which she already has according to our Declaration of Independence, but it is the epic struggle for the future of the American experiment. The American Experiment is founded on one principal, one cornerstone, one foundation, one thing, and that is life.

Be silent no more. The pro-death camp understands this struggle. They will fight to the death for their goals. Will we fight for life?

The Rev. Jack Clark is a resident of Clayton.

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