Commentary: AOC is Absolutely Out of Control

AOC has appeared relatively out of nowhere from the Bronx, New York. In actuality, her background includes her early years in the town of Yorktown Heights, New York, a northern suburb of New York City, far away from the environs of the Bronx, New York. What happened during her transition to promote the socialistic approach as the all-American goal to our futures?

AOC has become the visible spokesperson for all the attributes of the “free for all” enticements starting with the infamous Green New Deal. The GND, according to AOC, will be the start of a new beginning for America. Yes, she is correct. It would be a new beginning for the complete downfall of our capitalistic way of life.

To begin her chosen goal, Amazon who had made plans to build a headquarters in Long Island, New York creating 25,000 good-paying jobs for New Yorkers with additional jobs in the future has ended.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez believes that announcement should be applauded and will be only the start of her ideal of progress. Unfortunately, she is encountering the displeasure of the Amazon announcement by the New York job seekers who had rejoiced at the opportunity for Amazon employment. The loss of the thousands of forthcoming employment has won her no fans in the reality of a capitalistic society.

Her belief that the grand plan of the Green New Deal will be the solution to climate change concerns and social justice is false. Quite candidly, her thoughts are focused more on the social justice aspect she believes is required to benefit her personal cause.

Her programs are extremely expensive and payment for those costs are vague and unreasonable in attaining fruition. Free “everything” is an unachievable concept in America. The politicians who have agreed with her reasoning are betraying America. Her social justice program sanctions, “just suck it up” all working men/women.

In AOC’s concept, all college educated individuals will be able to achieve their unreachable goals. Not all Americans are destined to be college educated. We need the technical school attendees/graduates in place to achieve the overall American dream. We need electricians, plumbers, construction workers and related industries to complete the tasks of fulfillment and continuation of our overall achievements.

It is un-American to subscribe to such an unacceptable form of government that is AOC’s vision of success. When the reality of the GND is finally exposed as a fruitless effort to benefit America, we will at last conclude that socialism is not the American way to security, prosperity and growth for our beloved country.

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan is a resident of Dover.

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