Commentary: Assaults on Constitution

This Memorial Day, the 27th day of May in the year 2019, my heart and soul was once again bearing the weight of the sacrifices others have made that our nation might live on as the world’s strongest beacon of freedom.

On this day I am at times overcome to the point of tears by the thought of so much courage in the face of so much evil that so many people in so many countries, in so many capitals, in so many cities and even in so many little cottages resisted with all their might and all their lives to deny so much evil and choose instead truth and justice and freedom so many times throughout the history of our nation.

I am also moved to the same point of tears by the knowledge that we as a society have squandered those sacrifices and simply cashed them in for empty comforts and willful ignorance as our nation is yet again under attack, this time from within.

Here in Delaware, as in many other parts of our nation, the state Constitution is under attack as is our federal Constitution by the very people we elected to uphold and defend these sacred documents. These attacks know no party lines. If the truth were known, there are still only two parties, they are the Unified Anti American Party and The Rest Of Us who are not united in any meaningful way.

We are fed a steady diet of approved misinformation as our babies are sexualized and weaponized against faith, morals, values, humanity, individual rights, sanctity of life, education, accomplishments, achievements, self reliance, independence, logic and common sense.

They are our future. They are this nation’s future. They are us just as we were once them, just as our parents were once us and so on. Each generation trading away a little more freedom and security in exchange for the empty and false gods of comfort and ignorance until we have arrived at this.

I fear we have utterly and completely failed our babies as a society for we have delivered them completely unprepared into the gaping, drooling maw of a society wherein feelings and emotions are supreme while facts and knowledge are fast becoming useless to the masses. We as a society have comfortably and ignorantly allowed and even paid our government to indoctrinate our babies into this evil new world order or even in many cases to eliminate the burden of our baby’s babies altogether in government-sponsored disposal clinics.

This is why I weep today for those who went before such evil and turned it back. We have failed them too. I feel certain that if they were able right here, right now, they would demand answers of us. Answers we could not give.

Mark McGhee

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