COMMENTARY: Constitution at risk at Legislative Hall, but not by SB 89

When I was sworn in to the Delaware Legislature, I took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Every legislator did.

Lawson, David G. by .

David G. Lawson

I introduced SB 89, the American Laws for American Courts bill as a safeguard to upholding that Constitution. Now, because of the misunderstanding and actions of a few, this bill is not being heard. The President Pro Tempore of the Senate, David McBride (D-Hawk’s Nest), told me personally that he would not allow the bill to be worked on the floor because it was, “anti-Muslim,” a sentiment repeated by his colleague, Senator Nicole Poore (D-Delaware City).

That is not true.

The United States is the longest standing democracy in the world because of the unique values of liberty it represents. These values, such as freedom of religion, speech and press, due process, and the right to privacy, do not exist in all foreign legal systems. Yet, foreign laws and legal doctrine principles are more and more finding their way into U.S. court cases. These foreign laws are frequently at odds with the principles of equal protection and due process.

American Laws for American Courts would simply be Delaware saying it will uphold our Constitution and our value system under that Constitution. No citizen or resident should be denied the guaranteed liberties, rights and freedoms outlined in our Constitution. That’s what this bill is about.

Those freedoms are being threatened in Delaware’s Legislative Hall right now. I first introduced this bill in 2015. It never even made it out of committee. I re-introduced the bill last year where it was released from committee in June. It was put in the ready list, and then actually made it on to the agenda for the Senate this week, when it was pulled.

A bill with bipartisan support that should have been a pro-America and pro-Delaware bill, has, instead become a glaring example of all that is wrong in the Delaware Legislature right now.

If you agree, I recommend you contact your legislator today.

Sen. Dave Lawson is a Republican representing the 15th District.

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