Commentary: Costs going up while officials look down

While our politicians sit in one of their three plush offices collecting high salaries and expense accounts, our senior citizens and people on disability are getting a 1.6% raise.

Now I’m sure there are some worse off than I am and as well there are some better off. So far between my wife and I, we have received notices that our house insurance went up $4.60, our supplementary insurance went up $30.36 and my wife received an increase in her prescription plan of $32 which was a 110% increase.

I contacted Gov. Carney’s office, Sen. Carper’s office and Sen. Coons’ office. I asked what their positions on these high rate increases were. After two weeks or so I have not heard from anyone.

I am sure there will be more increases yet to come, like my insurance, car insurance, electricity, gas, heat, etc. According to COLA (cost of living adjustment), my wife and I will receive $46 a month more. And of these three bills I spoke of, the increase came to $66.96, which already leaves us short by $20.66 and they haven’t even said if Medicare Part B will increase.

If all of our politicians were at our level, not only state but also federal, they would find a way to change how these figures are presently figured out. These politicians don’t think twice about asking you to help out paying for kids to go to college, (who paid for ours?) help pay for people on drugs (we were taught to stay away). Social Security benefits will run out around 2035 (we paid into it all our lives) but they give Medicare, food stamps and everything else to illegal immigrants and on and on.

How do they expect our seniors and people on disability to make it when every year we get closer to poverty? We need more people calling these politicians and either asking questions about your concerns or what steps they have taken to rectify them.

Remind them that the 2020 elections are approaching fast and that they should spend more time on our problems at hand and less time worrying about what the other party is doing.

I’m a Democrat and my party did nothing but waste money trying to make Trump look bad for the last three years. If they would have worked with him just a little, he would have accomplished a lot more. Independent is starting to look good.

Jerry Devine is a resident of Laurel.

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