COMMENTARY: Delaware Democrats derailing state’s economy

For the first time in more than 40 years, the Delaware General Assembly, totally controlled by Democrats in both houses and with the governor’s office, could not meet its constitutional requirement to pass a balanced budget by June 30.

Unfortunately that’s not the whole story.

In January, Delaware faced a $400 million deficit. Despite having six months to solve the problem, the Democrats once again failed the people of Delaware.

The Joint Finance Committee was working hard in a bipartisan effort to identify the cuts needed to balance the budget. Then, suddenly the Democrat speaker of the house and the leader of the Senate shut them down. They were unwilling to take the heat for the cuts needed to end run away state spending.

Next, they held hostage all the nonprofits in Delaware that provide services for Delawareans suffering from drug addiction; to Alzheimer’s; to heart disease and all of our volunteer fire companies in an attempt to impose an income tax increase on everyone. Fortunately, that attempt failed because our Republican minority held firm.

In the end, the Democrat majority continued to do what they have been doing for years.

• They refused to cut the bureaucracy in state government that continues to spend more than Delaware can afford.

• They imposed new taxes to balance the budget — just like they always do.

• They kicked the can down the road to next year when once again the same problem will be back.

Yes, the Democrat majority has once again driven the train off the track and crashed into the homes and pocketbooks of all Delaware families.

It is time to get the Delaware train back on the tracks.

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