COMMENTARY: Delaware Veterans Trust Fund seeks support

The new year is fast approaching with all of its hopes and promises.

Many good folks make end of year, tax-deductible contributions to favorite causes. Reaching out to others is part of what makes America exceptional.

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Dave Skocik

While churches and service organizations used to be the focal point for helping others in their community, today professional fundraisers write, email, and call us asking for contributions to a multitude of causes. Within the past weeks I received three calls, two of which asked for money for veterans.

All were from out of state and each admitted after being asked that only 10 to 15 cents on the dollar would actually go to the cause they were promoting. I thanked them and politely asked to be removed from their lists.

The recent return of six flag-draped coffins underscores the seriousness of the duties of those who safeguard our freedoms and security, especially our hometown patriots who have left their families multiple times for deployment to foreign shores. Some are sharing holiday greetings through Skype.

To help a Delaware veteran and his/her family, and know that 100 percent of your contribution will go to someone in proven need, consider the Delaware Veterans Trust Fund. It was signed into law in 2013.

While the great majority of those who serve reintegrate successfully into their communities, a small number, whether due to physical or other injuries or eliminated jobs, need a one-time hand up. Trust Fund grants have stopped repossessions of vehicles, shut off of utilities, and in some cases put food on the table. Bills are paid directly to vendors.

The Trust Fund is served by the Friends of Delaware Veterans, Inc., an independent 501c3 organization run by a board of volunteers from across the state. All contributions to the Friends are fully tax deductible and are deposited in a special Trust Fund account.

The Friends operate under the authority of the Commission of Veterans Affairs and are fully audited. Visit for more information. The site now provides a link for on-line contributions and a receipt for tax purposes.

Please consider supporting our hometown heroes through an end-of-year tax deductible contribution and in 2016. They and their families deserve no less.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dave Skocik, of Dover, serves as president of the Friends of Delaware Veterans.

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