Commentary: Democrats riding ‘fast train to socialism’

The government is partially shut down and the Democrats now have control of the House. If that isn’t scary enough, it’s only 23 months until the next presidential election, and many of the Democratic hopefuls have already begun their campaigns. Unfortunately, every one of them is a progressive, read “socialist,” who speaks eloquently, but couldn’t care less about the American middle class, the group of Americans whose economic welfare they propose to champion. The left talks about inclusion and transparency, but God forbid you disagree with them as their moral compass is sacrosanct.

Look at some of the current Democratic hopefuls — Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington. In the background we have Joe (stay in Delaware Joe, you’ve already done enough damage to our democracy), Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York; Beto O’Rourke; and God knows who else.

When you look at all of these potential candidates, they have one thing in common — support of every policy initiative that smacks of socialism. They are all expert speakers at making you feel morally corrupt because you won’t support their philosophic arguments. However, if you listen to them very carefully, you’ll realize they never tell you what they are really thinking or want.

More importantly, they never explain how high, and on whom, they will have to raise taxes to fund their much needed social programs. Beware of the phrase “income redistribution.” Do not be fooled by their rhetoric, they want to take our current $21 trillion deficit to new heights by giving “more” to those less fortunate. Think about that strategy — the more “free” programs the government can provide, the more votes those championing the “free” programs can expect.

Understand what is truly transpiring. The only thing anyone in Washington cares about is power and money. I suspect we lost a lot of good people, on both sides of the aisle, because Washington has gotten so bogged down in “me,” that they just left. Unfortunately, it is we, the American citizen and taxpayer who suffers. If you think Nancy or Chuck care about the overall health of the country, you are sadly mistaken. They will fight the president to their last breath because the left has taken over the Democratic Party and we are riding a fast train to socialism.

If you think the new “moderate” Democrats are anything but left-wingers, just listen to their silence on the current tragedy happening at our border. Obama would have let all of those people in, further straining the economies of the local populations and the federal government. Our border holding areas are so overwhelmed that we have no choice but to “relocate” those illegal aliens. They are being “relocated” to local communities who are getting no funding help, but must still find a way to provide housing, education, medical care and all the other necessities of life. And who pays for that … the local taxpayer!! Our current president said no, and instead of the Democrats trying to help him find a solution, have drawn a line in the sand that is diametrically opposed to their past statements, funding approvals, and beliefs. Why? The answer is simple. They hate President Trump because he and the American voter said no to the “anointed” one.

All we are hearing from the newly controlled Democratic House is the threat of subpoenas, impeachment and the discussion of a multitude of investigations against the president. Forget the real reason for Congress. The Democrats have already proven that their sole function is to attack and get rid of the president. The message sent to Washington in November 2016 by the American voter has been totally ignored by the elite in Washington.

I am not a diehard Republican, but rather an extremely concerned American citizen and veteran who is seeing this country destroy itself. We don’t need any help from the Russians, Iranians or North Koreans — we are doing it to ourselves.

Until we awaken to the fact that we are indoctrinating vice educating our students, nothing will change. Why do you think so many young people think that socialistic policies are the best form of government? We lost many of our children when we stopped parenting, started handing out participation trophies, said that being a millionaire is a bad thing, and drove home the concept that thinking differently from another person is wrong because it might hurt their feelings. We have lost the concept of individual responsibility and personal accountability.

I enjoy reading this newspaper, but have stopped reading the articles written by Associated Press writers. I can’t remember the last time I saw a headline that wasn’t slanted or openly contentious of the president. I have stopped watching the network news and many of the other news outlets because they are preaching political ideas, philosophy and socialistic rhetoric versus their reason for existence, reporting news. I can think for myself. I don’t need some talking head telling me how or what I should think about a particular subject.

I have been around since President Truman; however, the deep and dangerous hatred of President Trump that we see and hear every day should be alarming to every American citizen. If you don’t like him, don’t vote for him in 2020, but please stop this continuous ridiculous and hateful rhetoric, for it does nothing but polarize this country even more.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Frank Daniels, of Dover, is a retired colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves.

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