Commentary: Dover High boys basketball coach gives thanks to community

Dear Senator Nation,

Thank for the support you have provided us on this magical ride. We are forever grateful.

The donations that were provided to us, sponsorships and the amount of time that was put forth in order to celebrate and acknowledge our boys all played a significant part in our success.

To Mayor Christiansen and his staff, thank you for your support during the season and the celebrations that the boys have been awarded after the season.

To Dr. Shelton, Dr. Henderson, and Capital School District School Board, thank you for your support in aligning several district events that showed what the color blue and white stands for “all in”. To Dr. Voshell and our administrative team, thank you for the long nights and the various events that supported our boys basketball team.

To the staff and students in the Capital School District, thank you for traveling with us, being our “6th Man” and assisting in fundraisers. I want everyone to know the Blue and White was seen, heard and appreciated by us all.

To our Booster Club President Charles E. Wilson, Vice President Jason J. Woolford, Treasurer Mrs. Thowanna Weekes and Secretary Ms. Jennifer O’Keefe, thank you for all the behind the scenes work that was done to help provide the boys with what they needed on and off the court.

Thanks to our, Athletic Director, Mr. Kevin Turner thank you for the countless hours that it takes to make a program successful. Our amazing Dover High Pep Band and director, thank you for traveling to various locations and being another piece to our “6th Man”.

To our local police and fire departments, thank you for the escort, the archway and the amazing sendoff. It will never be forgotten.

To our basketball mangers, thank you for your time, dedication and commitment. To the families of all of our players and coaches, thank you for the sacrifices and commitment that are constantly made in order to get where we needed to get.

Last but not least, our Dover High coaches and players, thank you for giving our city something to be proud about. Thank you for believing in Blue and White. Thank you for your sacrifice through pain and tears all season on and off the court. We will be back. We will finish the job! We are committed to you now and forever.

Until next year. D HIGH YOU KNOW.

Respectfully yours,

Coach Stephen Wilson and staff
Dover High boys basketball team

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