Commentary: Forefathers must be in mourning these days

As an Independent, I watch CNN and Fox News and keep an unbiased view of the right and the left viewpoints. What I’ve seen in the last 10 years is very concerning.

The Democrats don’t just have anger issues. They have absolute hatred for anyone outside their party. At the very beginning of the Trump administration, I watched Nancy Pelosi go on television and her huge message was “No to anything Trump.” You just can’t be any more closeminded than that!

I have a video of Nancy Pelosi, Obama, Chuck Schumer, and I believe the fourth was Diane Feinstein. Each of them stated during the Obama administration that we MUST have a wall and absolutely no one may enter this country illegally. A few years later with a Republican administration, they’ve all done an about-face and all of a sudden a wall is immoral.

How can they possibly expect anyone to believe a word they say? Heaven forbid they work hand-in-hand with another party to accomplish anything! We certainly can’t have Trump getting credit for anything! (sarcasm).

There is rampant conspiracy within our federal government, especially the FBI and DOJ. We do have many good people working there as well.

Hillary Clinton defied a federal subpoena and deleted over 30,000 incriminating emails. Each one can be considered a separate felony. 30,000 felonies and not one charge. Bill Clinton meets with a top government official on the tarmac and everything is swept under the rug. If anyone of us had defied a subpoena, do you know how fast that cell door would be slamming behind you?

They continuously throw in our faces the fact that there is one law for us and another for the filthy rich elitists. During the Democratic presidential debates, when asked who they consider their greatest enemies, others answered “Isis, Iran, North Korea. Hillary got a huge applause when she announced,” I consider my greatest enemy to be the Republicans.” Seriously!? She considers half of this country to be her greatest enemies!? And she wonders why she lost the election?

It has since been proven that she paid one million dollars from the Clinton Foundation for a fake Russian dossier to discredit Trump in his campaign for president. Emails were found between FBI agents stating they would do whatever it takes to ensure Trump never became president.

When a congressional oversight committee subpoenaed records from the FBI and DOJ, they defied the subpoena. Folks, this isn’t how our government is supposed to work.

Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves. And not just to knock the Democrats, the Republicans look at things in their own perspective. But I don’t see the hatred or derangement in the right that I do in the left.

But just one more point, if you Democrats don’t like the direction your party is heading, (especially young folks just getting into voting and wanting to make a difference), consider joining the Independent Party of Delaware. I believe the biggest chance we have to get beyond the impasse that has become our government is for a third party to grow from the ashes into another major contender. The only way I can possibly end is with “God Bless America!”

Steve Rhinehardt is a resident of Felton.

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