Commentary: Gun bill turns lawful citizens into criminals

George Roof

What does the Delaware Legislature do to earn $75,000 a year?

I cannot help but long for the days when elected representatives in our legislature were of character and integrity to propose laws and guidelines the citizens wanted. Those were people who took their oath of office literally. Sadly, those days seem to have vanished and the socialism movement is being force fed to all of us. Their concern is not about giving us more rights or even guaranteeing us the rights that our Founding Fathers laid down.

In her magnificent book, “Atlas Shrugged”, Ayn Rand foresees what newspaper headlines report today. “Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken …We’re after power and we mean it … There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them … We create a nation of law-breakers and then you cash in on guilt.”

This past year our Legislature has pushed through an “equal rights amendment” which offered no changes to the existing laws already on the books, and now they’re pushing to make smoking (or vaping) illegal until a person is 21, and they’re wanting to make it illegal for honest Americans to have a functioning firearm in their home.

Sean Lynn’s onerous gun bill is nothing more that what Ayn Rand spoke of. Though, as a lawyer, I’m almost sure he’s one who would have gutted prosecutions by dropping gun violations from criminals committing crimes with firearms. Yet he’s going to placate those blind followers by stating that this law would have no effect on you if you took proper precautions. To the cheers of his flock following him, he is actively seeking to disarm legal, law-abiding citizens, violate the Second and Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, and make us criminals.

One may ask how I can make such a conclusion. It’s relatively easy when, if you can think logically, you see that criminals actually have more rights than you do. It’s already against the law for crooks to carry firearms. This law is meant to make you, the honest, law-abiding, patriotic citizen a criminal.

Mr. Lynn blatantly lies as he says, “If your firearm is unloaded, this bill does not affect you. If you properly lock up and store your firearm, this bill does not affect you. If someone breaks into your home and steals your gun, this bill does not affect you.”

First and foremost as a senior living alone, why would I even think of having a gun for my protection and have it unloaded. Secondly, why does the government, and Mr. Lynn in particular have such a vested interest in how I store guns inside my home and how would he ever know without violating my constitutional rights? And lastly, he knows full well this statement is farcical and untrue.

The wording in the bill says that I am responsible if my gun is stolen and used in a crime. How would I ever prove to his or the government’s satisfaction that the other provisions of the law had not been violated. Mr. Lynn has perfected the “Catch 22” of gun grabbers. There’s certainly nothing in this bill even closely suggesting that the criminal would be punished. It’s aimed directly at the honest citizen trying to protect his life and his livelihood. As if those lies weren’t enough, Newark’s John Kowalko exacerbates the lie by playing the “humanity” card and distorting the NRA stance on home protection.

Let’s take a hypothetical example of how this bill targets honest citizens. Here, in Delaware, the average response time for critical situations varies between 9 and 20 minutes as a minimum. You’re a senior citizen obeying the law. A housebreaker begins banging on your door. You call 911 and are on the line with the dispatcher as your home is being breeched.

You get the key or try remembering your safe combination to get your firearm. Since ammunition must be stored separately, you are now tasked with finding it in order to load your totally useless firearm. By that time, the scofflaw is inside and overpowers you. He takes your gun by force and he’s gone within 5 minutes. When the police show up, your gun safe is open, ammunition is exposed and you no longer have a firearm. From your house, the robber goes across town and conducts an armed robbery. Guess who is now considered an accessory to the crime.

Mr. Lynn can pooh pooh that all he likes, but track records from police files show that in Delaware, the firearm violation is one of the first to be dropped by lawyers. The original gun owner will never be spared, however, since the intent of the bill was to make him a lawbreaker to begin with.

Mr. Lynn, if you truly want to do something about real crime, why don’t you spend as much time looking for methods to charge, try, and convict real criminals of gun crimes instead of trying to make us honest citizens lawbreakers.

George Roof is a resident of Magnolia

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