Commentary: Impeachment hopes spring eternal(ly) for Democrats

Unfortunately, America must continue to endure the Democratic impeachment quest that is stated to be a search for their version of the truth that will, not to the Democratic liking, conclude in a negative result for all Democratic candidates seeking office in 2020. Currently, Adam Schiff is still running the coup. His idea of transparency is clear as mud.

Republicans will, as advertised, now have the opportunity to bring forth their own witnesses to combat the untruths spoken so often by Schiff and other Democratic chosen individuals.

Unfortunately, the witness list for the Republicans to join in the fray depend totally at the discretion and acceptance of Schiff. He will continue to be leader of the pack of Democratic wolves hungry to destroy the POTUS.

The Democrats should be focusing on America’s present and future success and well-being. However, their impeachment inquisition is the only process they plan to seek for as many months as they believe that America will follow their dismal path. They will not center on their appointed duties to support America’s current and future needs by passing important bills i.e., USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement). This bill would add many thousands of good-paying job opportunities and economic American success that the Dems do either not recognize nor equated as important to their impeachment agendas. If the House would pass this important bill it would immediately be passed into law by the Senate. Hope springs eternal for that also!

While the Democratic House demagogues do nothing positive to continue America’s current success, these many positive American success stories lead by an effective president greatly troubles the Dems to see such a booming economy, the lowest American unemployment rates in decades, a strong military that never before received in the prior Obama administration, their due respect, effective equipment and weaponry to keep America secure, and a new, stronger respect for America heralded by the forthright and straightforward approach led by President Trump.

Yes, there are some disbelievers in this candid, direct method of political truth. President Trump has spoken to both allies and foes explaining what America is destined to achieve. Some allies have not appreciated these remarks as they have never had to hear controversial remarks from any other American presidents. The demand they pay their fair shares to NATO is an example.

The United States has constantly been burdened with the brunt of the unfair payments to uphold NATO’s position throughout the world. This unjust pattern of payment has now been rectified and, whether anyone likes it or not, it is right and just. President Trump will always put America first, and rightly so. The Democrats do not like his approach and have declared from the time of the Trump inauguration that Impeachment would be in his future.

These determined Democrats will continue to force this impeachment inquiry interminably while explaining that they only seek the truth and share with all America. We are aware of the Democratic truth. This impeachment query, after the many governmental man hours and millions of taxpayer funds, has produced nothing of substance in which an impeachable act has been confirmed. An underlying, unspoken reason for the Democrats ongoing impeachment policy may be their deep-seeded fear that President Trump will win the 2020 presidential election as the Democrats, to date, have no one of equal value ability to defeat the incumbent.

Politics has become a dark corner of intrigue in our American world. Bringing the truth to the forefront must never be secreted away from the public view. The real truth must be told — not the Democrats polarized version of its veracity as they see as their truth. The truth shall set us free. Free from the impeachment fiasco we now suffer that may well end in an immediate, justifiable demise in the Senate by year’s end.

May God always bless the United States of America!

Beverly Monahan is a resident of Dover.

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