Commentary: Is there trouble brewing for supporters of socialism?

Bernie Sanders held a major rally of support in New York with his staunch ally/supporter New York congressional Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by his side. Could he ask for anything more?

With the reassurances posted by AOC and her comrade from “the squad” Ilhan Omar standing strong with Bernie Sanders, all must be well within the Sanders camp. Or, could this camaraderie be tarnished by what they really are promoting? The aforementioned rally was held about one block away from where Amazon had intended to build their headquarters in New York and employment of about 40,000 well-paying jobs for New Yorkers.

AOC is so proud of herself, while presenting another slap in the New Yorkers face initiated by AOC. She is such a powerful woman endorsing all the benefits of Socialism to the American people. Bernie should be most cautious as to the friendships he keeps. At times, friends can be your worst enemy.

With the assistance of his unworthy supporters, AOC and Omar, Bernie could be viewed or condemned for his lack of overall judgment. America was never a candidate for a governmentally run country. AOC and Bernie would promote anAOC makes it all sound so good. Young people are always glad to hear that all they could desire will be theirs at absolutely no cost to them — only the taxpayer will be paying through the nose.

It is true, all Democratic presidential hopefuls are promoting Medicare for All programs. The quality to be provided and the exact cost is not completely explicit and written on the wind. Even current front-runner Lizzie Warren could not fully explain the coverage of a $34 trillion price tag on these benefits and, most importantly, precisely who would be responsible.

It sounds great that only billionaires and large corporations will pay the bill but there is not enough of that grouping that will be totally responsible for the entire amount. Oops, sounds like the good times will soon be over when reality bites and the Democratic presidential hopefuls examine the true costs. The middle class will be once again be burdened with the remaining and giant price of “free” everything.

Democrats would love to see President Trump gone prior to the 2020 elections. Great idea for an impeachment inquiry. Or, does that course of action exhibit some serious doubts that none of the current hopefuls can actually beat Donald J. Trump? They could always bring back HRC as she has been showing herself on late night and daytime television explaining that she is still around and might want another shot at The Oval Office. Stranger things have happened in Washington, DC.

At this point in time, the only thing with a winning record in Washington, D.C. is President Trump and the Nationals baseball team headed to the World Series.

Why does the Democratic House leadership not call for a vote on the impeachment inquiry? This so-called Impeachment Inquiry Has been presented in the most unorthodox manner ever viewed in both prior impeachment inquires of Presidents Nixon and Clinton. Today, Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff are making up the rules as they go along. Powerful bureaucrats are capable of doing their own thing whether they abide by the Constitution or not.

The House of Horrors should adhere to the standards set down in the Constitution but they will totally fail when America fully realizes what their Socialistic agendas truly stand for. America is a capitalist country. This truth may destroy all Democratic presidential hopefuls who are glamorizing the promotional glories of Socialism. Americans must be consistently reminded that capitalism works. Governmental control, at all levels, of all American lives is anti-American.

AOC and all her comrades will awake to the reality of truth that her promotional socialistic advantages do not work for America. She may view herself as the savior of Socialism but all she is achieving is the breaking apart of our beloved country. She is not the wonder woman she projects herself to be. She is an anarchist within her own country.

An inquiry must be arising within her own current district as to “what has she done for us lately?” Doesn’t look like that will be a positive answer as she is far too busy coursing a path of disaster for America. What does the Bronx, have to offer a special woman like AOC? She’s been there, done that.

Her future, though, is on shaky ground especially when the Bronx comes to the realization she has actually accomplished nothing for them during her time of national notoriety and the media position she now holds. AOC may wake up one morning and experience she is no longer the New York representative she had once been. Happens to the best politicos, and in this case, the worst!

Maybe, AOC’s opponent, New York City officer (Ret.) John Cummings (R), will come to the district’s and America’s rescue defeating the almighty AOC. In New York, miracles do happen!

May God always bless the United States of America!

Beverly E. Monahan is a resident of Dover.

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