Commentary: Is United States becoming a third-world country?

China just celebrated 50 years of communist rule. Fifty years from now, will we be celebrating 50 years of Socialist rule in the United States? We are truly on the cusp of a cultural revolution created by the Democrats as they are on the verge of destroying America as we know it.

Their overwhelming support of organizations like Antifa are bringing us dangerously close to the 60s again. The revolution was started by FDR, furthered by Lyndon Johnson and George McGovern, and championed during the Obama/Biden administration. That championing allowed Bernie Sanders to be seriously heard in 2016.

The Democrats, using our Intelligence apparatus and the DOJ, are using every dirty and imaginable tactic to unseat a duly elected President. They are fomenting a coup, something you’d see in a third-world country. Why? Because he isn’t one of “them,” and he defeated their anointed one, hands down. The unholy four have totally displaced Nancy and sadly, Delaware’s three Representatives fully support them and their radical socialist proposals.

Given the Democrats continued idiocy in believing the American public is incapable of seeing reality, making good decisions, or thinking for themselves, I believe the 2020 election is already a given — Trump wins. What the RNC really needs to be working on is who will represent the Republican Party in 2024.

Like every trick used during this coup, the impeachment fiasco will die. This impeachment inquiry is nothing more than a blatant political ploy designed to unseat our duly elected president. If Nancy and company really believe President Trump is guilty and believe in the impeachment process, then vote for it. They won’t because they are afraid of the concept of due process. However, that won’t stop the Democrats with coming up with a new charge after impeachment fails. Unfortunately, 2020 will be over, they will have lost the House, and while they still won’t cooperate, they will continue to fight the president at every turn.

The further eroding of our Constitution is being initiated by Democrats in the states that they control. The Democrats are ignoring the Constitution by passing laws to direct their Electoral College delegates to cast their votes with the national popular vote. Our esteemed representatives in Delaware have already done that, saying to the voters of Delaware, forget what you want, we are going with the voters of New York and California. I guess our enlightened Democrat representatives have forgotten the real reason why our founding fathers inserted the Electoral College into the Constitution. Remember we are a democratic republic, not a pure democracy.

The absolute and total buy-in by the Fourth Estate to the Democrat attempted coup should be a major wake-up for every concerned citizen of this country. If you listen closely to their words, all you hear is Polly the parrot reiterating the central theme of the day. They’ve used a number of central themes over the last three years because as each one has been debunked, they come up with a new one. The major networks along with MSNBC and CNN and some of the major newspapers in this country are not only giving their full support to this coup, they are rewriting history. Forget 1776, 1619 is now the key date in the development of this great nation of ours.

None of the Democratic candidates argue for policy programs that will be improvements to the ones President Trump has initiated. Instead, they are preaching socialistic policies to give everything to everyone, at no additional cost the American public. Forget that nothing is free, someone always pays for a politician’s policy agenda. Medicare for all, elimination of student debt, $1,000/month free, and the Green New Deal are just a few of extremely radical ideas proposed by the candidates. And yes, Robert Francis will confiscate all of our weapons, the Constitution be dammed. The unbridled hate these candidates have for capitalism is nothing more than a continuation of the Obama/Biden policy of making this country a second-rate nation.

Think about what Bernie and Elizabeth are preaching reference their “wealth tax.” Currently, we pay the IRS based on our various forms of income. However, we pay school taxes based on the assessed value of a home, a non-liquid asset. According to those two, we will pay the IRS on what we are worth as calculated by our income and the value of our non-liquid assets.

While they are starting at small percentages, 1, 3, and 5, the amount of money produced will never cover the estimated cost of their programs. Therefore, they will probably grow to 7, 9, and 10, and even at that rate, they will not cover the cost of the programs these two are championing. So, where will the needed money come from?

What is even scarier is that most Americans under 40 believe that social media is the end all and be all for communicating the “truth.” Sadly, these are the folks who came through what was once the best educational system in the world. Today, we are probably number 20 or even lower. We have lost the concept of teaching and replaced it with indoctrinating our students into the left wing ideology of socialism. Walk into any high school today and you will quickly realize that the students, not the administrators or teachers, run the school. God forbid you make a student stand for the pledge of allegiance!

With respect to Joe, his campaign is already dead. Forget that his wife said, “You have to hold your nose to vote for my husband.” The Ukrainian debacle is going to be his downfall. The Democrats’ attempt to hit Trump with a whistleblower (and now there are two) is backfiring, and Joe is caught in the crosshairs. The Democrats never thought about or didn’t care about “collateral damage” when they helped the original whistleblower.

The Barr and Durham investigations are going to eventually surface the truth behind this Democrat coup. The real question is, will anyone pay for their attempted destruction of our Constitution and the due process of law?

Frank Daniels, of Dover, is a retired colonel in the United States Army Reserve.

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