Commentary: It’s time to stop the inquisition of the president

The inquisition that the Democrats started before Donald J. Trump became our president has finally come to a head this past Thursday, Halloween. How appropriate, a day of mischief and mayhem.

Over the past three years we have seen the Democrats on the Hill shred families, friends and associates of our president to pieces with no regard to truth or fairness because they couldn’t get him. All the time, President Trump continues on with the operation of our nation, increasing jobs, pay increase, lowering unemployment and the protection of our borders and let us not forget that more Blacks are employed under this President then under the previous administration The man is on a mission and the Democrats are doing all they can to stop him from accomplishing the goals.

They don’t seem to get over the fact that they lost big time in 2016 and they know that if they can’t conjure up something to get him out of office they are going to lose again. Does anyone remember Obama telling John McCain, “Get over it, I won?” I won’t, because that was total disrespect for a senator of his caliber.

The Democrats on the Hill, so it seems, would rather not have a prosperous nation, low unemployment, higher paychecks and more minorities working then ever before because they can’t get the credit.

With all their investigations, they still come up emptyhanded. It is time to get rid of politicians and replace them with working people who know how to balance a checkbook, who actually work a real job and look out for the other guy and not themselves.

Take a good hard look at what the Democrats have done to the major cities around America, Baltimore, Chicago, New York and LA to name a few. Dirty, high crime, poorly managed and thieves stealing from the coffers. Apparently many are satisfied with that because that is all they know, however, if they were ever introduced to a better way of life I am sure they would chose that instead.

This inquisition has gone on long enough and it is time for it to stop. Will they do this to every conservative or Republican that runs for office? Probably. The socialist idea is on the rise within the Democrat party and people if this nation does not wake up and elect people who really love this nation, its flag and its servicemen and women and show respect to our law enforcement we find ourselves to be like Russia or China or worse, Venezuela.

Remember, one nation under God. So, let’s turn back to Him.

John Gondeck is a resident of Denton, Maryland.

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