Commentary: Liberals disavow American flag at their own peril

I have always considered myself a staunch conservative and being not completely unintelligent held out hope for the liberals. However, after witnessing four hours of recent Democratic debate babble without a single question answered I now know there is no hope — especially when there was not a single American flag in, on or near the platform nor did any of the participants display a flag lapel pin.

I am left with the idea that they are ashamed to support the very nation they pledged to serve. It is as if they were afraid of offending someone. I also noticed no one in the audience nor the commentators made mention of the flag’s absence.

Further in the past day or so I see corporate America enabling a washed-up self-righteous has-been athlete have another 15 minutes in the sun just because he doesn’t like the national emblem displayed on a shoe. What has this country come to when the symbol of the nation has become an object to be ashamed of?

The cause of this privileged individual is as flawed as the history he indicates the ensign represents. This corporate action only emboldened this nobody to believe he can do anything. It is my hope Nike suffers a severe financial consequence for their belief America supports such statements made by fools seeking to regain that which he literally threw away himself.

It appears that as long as our elected officials are within the liberal fold they may with impunity blatantly disregard written and posted regulations. What makes an immature, young female elected official feel entitled to film areas and openly engage in conversation with immigrants when the regulations clearly prohibit such activity? The fact that this was done without consequence from the majority party speaks volumes at the lengths they will go to condone such actions in the attempt to disgrace the sitting administration.

Has every one of these nay-saying liberals forgotten that the laws and regulations being followed by the sitting administration were passed and instituted by them? Do they not realize their ever ongoing inaction in the legislature will only worsen the the plight of immigrants? Will they ever stop prohibiting and judicially blocking every attempt by the sitting administration to correct these existing inequities? Will they and all those sheep who blindly call for the closure of these facilities take on the responsibility of sponsorship?

The point of this letter is to loudly say that anytime the national symbol of this or any nation becomes a disgrace to the elected officials sworn to defend said ensign, those same officials should step aside or depart the country that is offending their being.

Harry Todd is a resident of Harrington.

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