Commentary: Mixed messages in response to president

Jack Hoban’s commentary, “Saddle up for next election” (DSN 6/20), was followed by Beverly Monahan’s response, “Republicans are not Tories” (DSN 6/24). We need to look again at what they each said. We have a clear case of some people seeing what they want to see and looking the other way if they don’t like something or it isn’t right.

Hoban asked five questions and I think I know what he was trying to get across to everyone. Monahan responded to Hoban but didn’t answer any of Hoban’s questions.

Hoban wrote a long, nice, picturesque history of this country, which ended with his five question message including the punch line about getting “…this dangerous would-be-king, out of office.” Most of Monahan’s piece was also picturesque (but also irrelevant).

The key message is in her last paragraph. It makes three statements. She says Trump “…does not envision himself a king,” but he seems to me, and many other people, to be already behaving like one. I remember that Trump, himself, has also made many suggestive signals and comments that he desires a permanent presidency and a lot of other people have noticed this, too.

Monahan says he “delivers” on promises (she is counting the chickens before they hatch), but her use of the present tense instead of past tense really means that even she accepts that the jury is still out, at least for now. Lastly, she says Trump is going to have a second term. But this prediction may be premature. Based on most, if not all, polls on 2020, more people want anyone else but Trump. And the vast majority of polls show Trump approval at about 42% and disapproval at about 53%.

Trump cannot take credit for the economy because the last business cycle recovery started many years before Trump entered office. You can’t make America great if it already is great. Trump’s attempt to boost our economy by insulting, bullying or putting a gun to the heads of almost all of our trading partners is yielding few or no short-term gains but many new long-term enemies.

Many serious and competent people in business and finance see the world economy at its current peak and a downturn is next. So, you can’t keep America great if the next recession is inevitable (economic history books list about two dozen recessions in America spread out and going back to, even, 1776).

Why do some people like Trump so much? It is like toothpaste commercials on TV: people believe the message they are told about how it will make them look sexy. Sorry, the emperor wears no clothes.

Arthur E. Sowers is a resident of Harbeson.

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