Commentary: Partisanship in America has to stop

Partisanship in America has to stop

Now that the pundits are finished dissecting the president’s State of the Union speech, I have a few thoughts. I wish Washington would follow the Delaware Way and move forward on those issues that are truly bipartisan.

In his speech there were many:

First, the scourge of HIV has been with us for many years. In that time, science and medicine has made great strides. We should fund the continuing development of life-saving medical treatment to eliminate this disease. This is not a partisan issue.

Michael Harrington Sr.

Second, cancer in all forms strikes families suddenly and tragically. It is particularly heartbreaking when the patient is a young child. The president’s call for more research and treatment options is nonpartisan. Here in Delaware we are all aware of the tragedy of Beau Biden and the efforts Joe is making in his cancer moon shot. Finding cures for cancer is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it is an American goal.

Third, driving any road in Delaware or any highway in the nation and you experience at some point the practical effects of the neglect of our infrastructure. But the need is more than just the normal road — it is airports and bridges and railroads that pale in comparison to many other countries in the world. It is a lack of Internet in rural areas.

President Eisenhower had the vision over 70 years ago and began the process of funding for the interstate highway system. It is time to look again for a new program that addresses these problems with the same national reach and spirit that links our states together today.

Four, we have spent too many lives and too much national treasure on the wars in Afghanistan. History should be a lesson — Alexander the Great failed, the Russians left and despite our efforts there still is no peace. While we must be careful on how we disengage, enough is enough.

Finally, how do we handle the contentious issue of the border? No one, neither Nancy Pelosi nor the president, disagrees that we have a broken system. They disagree on how to fix it. If this were in Delaware we would put all the leaders in the same room and not let them out until they had an answer.

Maybe be we should get them out of the toxic air of Washington and invite them all to Legislative Hall. Send in the coffee and doughnuts — lock the doors and remind them why they were elected — to solve problems.

I hope we can have an end to the partisan rhetoric and do the right thing for America.

Michael Harrington Sr. is chairman of the Republican State Committee of Delaware.

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