Commentary: President’s powers

Readers reacted to a recent Commentary headlined “President’s powers must be kept in check.”

• Lock him up. — Jim Kelley

• There has to actually be a crime. Not just that the liberals don’t like him

• First lock Trump up for what exactly? Please give an instance where he has exceeded or abused his constitutional powers. Even when federal partisan judges rule against him he abides by the rule of law until it gets to the Supreme Court. He doesn’t do runarounds on Congress like the last president we had did on multiple occasions. As far as the Russian collusion goes, are we using known liberal news media sites that have been caught repeatedly lying and pushing fake news narratives as sources now? Are we really going to put individuals such as Comey, Lynch, Page, Strzok, Clapper, Brennan, & Muller on pedestals when we now know they all have dirty hands and mountains of evidence to indict them at any moment? No doubt the Russians interfered in our elections, they’ve been doing that since the 50s. They’ve already taken over our colleges. But the only so-called collusion was between the Obama administration and the individuals he put in place to run Homeland Security and the CIA. — Shawn Knox

• Emoluments and obstruction for starters. — Kristin Froehlich

• The president needs to be allowed to do his job. He has been doing a great job to date. Where were these people when Obama was running roughshod over the Constitution? Nothing but crickets then. Anybody with half a brain knows that (Trump) was joking about the emails. — Mark Schmalhofer

• The Democrats are beyond unhinged. For two years we heard about collusion and Russia. The media using the talking points that were handed to them. And as it turns out as we all knew (those of us who were paying attention) it was a bunch of BS. The stuff that has come out regarding the FBI, FISA abuse, and Hillary Clinton campaign paying for the fake Russian dossier and Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele, Bruce Ohr, etc, the real collusion is on the left. — Maureen McCartan Harris

• The president is doing a fine job for our country! The Democrats on the other hand are running scared because they have done nothing for the last two years but criticize our president for every thing he does and makes up their own news with the help of the biased left-wing media every day! Our president is for America unlike the socialist-biased left that wants to ruin our country with their rhetoric and lies! Trump 2020! — Jude Fisher

• How delusional can socialist Democrats get. The “Russia scandal” was pure Obama and under his watch. Where were you when Obama weaponized the IRS or when he spied on the Associated Press, or when he and Hillary implied legal gun dealers were shipping guns to Mexico while it was the State Department, or while he threw taxpayer money to his buddies through “shovel ready jobs”, or while he gave millions to cronies like Solyndra so they could steal it and claim bankruptcy? This entire commentary just prove Khruschev’s prophecy. — George Roof

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