Commentary: The policies of the ‘Fatal Four’ are disastrous

The Fanatical Four “Women of Color” as so they state themselves are dangerous to the survival of American democracy.

These four women – Democratic House Reps, D-NY Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC); D-MN Ilhan Omar; D-MA Ayanna Pressley and D-MI Ilhana Tlaib have done nothing but spew the inner hatred they possess for America and the POTUS.

Granted, the latest offensive tweets President Trump has written was fuel for the fire of discontent these fatal four are endorsing. His comment that if these women do not love this country, they should return to their original country of origin. Unfortunately, the entire foursome are United States citizens.

They believe and stated that President Trump is a racist. Absolutely incorrect. If anyone is racist it is these women who have continually cast the white voter as a racist and against them due to the color of their skin. No! These four began their tirade of terror immediately upon their election to the House of Representatives.

Hatred and the accusation of racism are their weapons of choice to slander the credibility of America. While they are making a name for themselves on a daily basis, what exactly have they accomplished except the enhancement of American division. Their platform of Divide and Conquer will not be established in our beloved country. After their prolonged, repetitively spoken degradation of the POTUS and their Doctrine of Hate, this emphatic verbiage will become tiresome to the American ear and will discredit these four women who will not have accomplished their tarnished goal of the American demise they endorse.

Their prescribed solutions to America’s future is not feasible to achieve. America was built upon its citizens’ ability to make their own decisions not determined by governmental control of their lives. These four women and the like-minded Democratic bureaucrats believe big government and control is the only answer for America’s posterity. They are mistaken in what they perceive as American success.

What they have succeeded to do is divide our country and their own Democratic Party. Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi has defended these women and decried the president for his defensive remarks after the constant volatility of language spoken by these four women has never formally been addressed

Why has the Democratic Party not condemned these outspoken, negative and hateful anger spoken by these four women prior to their defilement of the POTUS? They have spoken their injurious beliefs with condemnation of America and Israel (a personal favorite of Ilhan Omar) far longer than President Trump has spoken his responses. No Democrat has made any direct effort to discontinue this upheaval of American discourse. No reprimand of worth has been issued by any Democrat in office.

Shamefully, Delaware’s own Democratic congressional representatives have been all too ready to decry President Trump’s recent tweets but have not spoken one word of warning or discontent to the aforementioned women who began the political turmoil we now endure. The pathway guided by these fearsome four of erroneous and erratic behavior patterns exhibited and condoned by disingenuous Democrats standing on the threshold of what they foresee to be America’s future will not be confirmed.

Yes, the Fanatical Four are now the flavor of the month in Washington, D.C. Americans fully understand that the current Washington, D.C. environment is a cesspool of deceit. These four women will eventually be disregarded by their verbiage of vengeance. They will learn by trial and the errors of their ways that radical agendas attacking American freedoms do not survive in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Americans do not want and will not tolerate what is unjust for their daily lives.

They want the freedom to make their own decisions and not the fanatical doctrines exhibited by American oppressors and dilettante political bureaucrats. The “four’s” moments of glory will disappear when the American reality of life emerges and realization that hate-filled words and tyranny are falsehoods expressed by the unfulfilled ambitions of these women of discontent for American prosperity and successful future …. without their interference of importance only unto themselves!

The Democratic leadership should withhold and deny their approval of these voices of vindictiveness or they may very well pay the price on Nov. 3, 2020.

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan is a resident of Dover.

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