Commentary: The steady decline of our nation’s republic

It fascinates me that Jack Hoban (June 20 letter “Saddle up for the next election”) has a fairly good idea of a nation’s history and values, and yet comes to a completely different conclusion about the state of the union and how to proceed. These united states were founded as a unique experiment in ordered liberty (self-governance). To this day, we continue to wonder if that experiment is sustainable.

Our founders were not super-human. But they had a keen respect for God and His creation, each had an excellent classical education including Bible study, they were well read, and they knew a lot about time-tested truths. Distinctions not easily found today.

Many think of us as a democracy, but we are a far cry from that, or at least we were designed to be. The founders abhorred democracy as mob rule, which is exactly what we are seeing today. They designed this nation not as a democracy, but as a constitutional republic. The republic incorporates God-given individual rights, the rule of law, private property, due process, separation of powers and a representative government, among other advantageous features. Today, most of those concepts are badly damaged or under attack.

That we are a “democracy” is the result of a progressive propaganda campaign. Most citizens mistakenly believe the feds are superior to the states, that we have three equal branches of government with checks and balances, and that nine men in black robes make “the laws of the land” by decree from the Supreme Court. Even that voting is honest and effective. Those are a few of many dangerous myths today’s Americans believe, weakening the nation, helping to set us up for attacks from within. The government of the people, by the people, and for the people, hasn’t existed since FDR.

On elections: “Get Out the Vote” pushes people who are uninformed and unprepared to vote to the polls. This does great damage to the treasury and the country, and often leads to troubled election outcomes. Every one of us, if we are not prepared, should morally refrain from voting. The “fake media” has more election propaganda influence than the Russians ever did.

Politicians have figured out how to keep themselves aligned with special interest money and are almost untouchable. There will be very few career statesmen in Congress (becase statesmen are rare). If the best you have is name recognition, vote for someone else.

Citizens who have studied the candidates, the issues, and what is best for the nation, take pains to get themselves to the polls, or ask for help.

This “dangerous king” can be impeached (indicted), but “hate” is not a valid reason for impeachment, especially when you are not even sure why you are supposed to “hate” President Trump. Blaming him as a flawed character or personality is so Clintonesque. And it should concern us greatly that people like Jack didn’t notice Obama ruling by fiat and complaining back then. The rule of law should apply to everyone, from the least significant to the most important; but a double-standard favoring Dems is alive and well.

I agree with Jack’s description of Tories and establishment Republicans, but Trump is not their king, they worship the status quo, and Trump is a disruptor. If the Republicans are Tories, then the Democrats must be English troops!

God gave us all free will and a marvelous brain for considering the issues, but that brain depends on truth and facts, commodities in short supply today. Jack Hoban’s letter is a good case study, weaving truths with fiction makes it harder to understand where you are going wrong. Notice Jack is short on specifics, making only general and unsubstantiated charges against Trump.

For instance, Jack writes, “Impeach ‘King Trump’, hope he can crawl out of the cesspool he created.” Is Jack implying there was no cesspool before Trump? Here are a few reasons Trump was elected — because of the decades-old cesspool, to serve the people rather than serving money and special interests, to keep campaign promises, and most of all, to stand up and fight for conservative (traditional) values. He has already accomplished more than most presidents who have served eight years, despite a ferocious resistance and a media “blackout” of his accomplishments. Impeaching Trump gets us back to the dark ages which we have finally begun climbing out of.

This tactic of generalities, one of many dishonest tactics, is used all day long on CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post. Too bad we must sift through all the biases, lies, and rewritten history. But the lies, innuendo, and spin from the “Fake Media” really are “the Enemy of the People” because it manipulates us.

Freedom of the press originally meant to encourage honest objective reporting and investigative journalism, keeping an eye on government integrity, special interests, and other powerful influences; not choosing sides and activism. Today a good citizen must be a detective to “separate the wheat from the chaff”. Discerning truths would be much easier if the school system did their job of grounding our children in a vigorous classic education rather than indoctrinating them. The same goes for the media, adults and the truth.

Freedom is fragile and must be defended. We have been under assault for some time now, not by “King Donald”, but by progressives now openly promoting racism, open borders and socialism; creating a false but divisive narrative of a racist past and present, the wounds which Dems must keep open to ensure the black vote, and now pushing reparations to be paid for by taxpayers seven or eight generations removed from the original slave owners (this is how “social justice” works); Dems and Repubs who refuse to cooperate with a president who is actually keeping campaign promises and solving problems despite their full-time “resistance”; and a media which reports 90% negatively on the president. Ninety percent is nowhere near fair, not even for that devil, Trump.

Our republic depends on an informed and virtuous citizenry. With today’s media, TV programming, internet sites, and misleading letters from people like Jack, it is difficult to stay informed, and even more difficult to stay virtuous. We are blessed with more information than ever but cursed by even more lies, spin and obscenities.

A healthy world view and basic understanding of the Bible, the founding documents, American history, and checking original sources and finding trusted reporters may help, but it is hard work, and too many of us are becoming very lazy. Subjects of dictators can afford to be lazy and be told what to do, free self-governing citizens cannot.

You may not recognize it, but Trump is trying to restore ordered liberty. Liberals and progressives are trying to destroy our economy with freebies and buying votes. After the collapse, they will blame everyone else (like they blame Trump now), propose big government solutions, and most likely, institute a police state. Are you sure that is where we want to go?

History should show that America made a terrible mistake in 2008 and turned back in 2016; but that depends on which side gets to write that history.

This nation no longer respects our Creator, only His creation, making man supreme. Governments of the people, by the people, and for the people, including our imitators, are beginning to disappear. I ask that we all pray for this nation, and for the wisdom necessary to clearly understand what is happening before recording our votes. Let’s pray we don’t all go through Hell before figuring out the right path — ordered liberty; not socialism (think Venezuela).

Armand Carreau is a resident of Bridgeville.

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