Commentary: Troubling justification for abortion

It is rather humorous to listen to the liberal members and mass media of our country calling, at one time or another, almost all conservative members to be racists. We should take a close look at a very important problem in our country today and ask just who are the racists.

As we all know, virtually all major cities are controlled by the Democrats. These cities and their states have a major funding issue involving Medicaid and welfare payments.

If you ever read the in-depth history of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, you may learn Mrs. Sanger and several of her well-to-do friends felt the poor community, both black and white, was taking a significant portion of the “treasures” of our country from those that truly deserved it — the upper class.

Review where Planned Parenthood places their facilities and you will learn 70% are in or near poor neighborhoods. The statistics show the black community, while less than 20% of our population has around 40% of the reported abortions.

Remember, three states, California, Maryland and New Hampshire don’t report their abortions. California does, however, report how many women use public funds to secure abortions and in one year that amounted to 90,000 abortions.

Now, it is easy to realize those securing public monies are the poor. I don’t believe, however, California reports the race of those using public funds but it is safe to conjecture at least 50% would be black so the 40% figure could be higher. Now, if these conservatives are racists, why would they fight so hard to overturn Roe v. Wade? Is it possible they aren’t racist but realize this is nothing more than murder of an infant.

If you look at your children, realize they all were the same as any baby today that is being murdered. The CDC reports that 143 babies died after being born alive after an abortion attempt between 2003 and 2014 and believe these numbers are understated.

We will never know what is in the hearts of those pressing to retain abortion but the Constitution does not provide the justification. I know abortion is only one issue but if we put the attention on the plight of the approximate 70,000,000 babies who died that is placed on illegal immigrants, we might know a lot more about the justification. Then we may finally know who are the real racists.

Robert J. Frost is a resident of Lewes.

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