Commentary: US continues to be embroiled in chaos

Well folks, when can we look forward to the end of the lies? This is all we have heard from the person in the Oval Office.

There has been nothing but total chaos since this administration entered office. Every day we are bombarded by total falsehoods from the Oval Office and we have no Republican senators in office anymore to refute this con game on the American people.

With the death of John McCain and the retirements of Jeff Flake and Bob Corker, there seems to be no one left with a backbone to demand answers and bring this farce to a halt. His dismissal of Tillerson, Kelly and Mattis leaves this country with no reasonable people in place to keep us out of war.

Claims are made that a new trade agreement has been made with Canada and Mexico. No trade agreement can be complete without the vote of the Congress. Every agreement that the Congress has approved in the last 20 years this man has used executive orders to overturn (NAFTA; the Iran Nuclear Agreement, even though inspectors say they were complying; the Clean Air Agreement, etc). He wants to void our agreement with South Korea, an agreement that gives us 15 minutes of warning instead of five minutes, should a missile be launched. He has no right to override the Congress. He wasn’t put in there by a majority of the popular vote.

We have been bombarded with tales of a national security crisis on the southern border and children are being removed from their parents and kept in what can only be described as indoor dog kennels and shipped to God knows where to never see their parents again.

Ask any child psychologist and they will tell you that this policy is one that breeds terrorists. Walls don’t work! Evidence the structures already in place and the maze of tunnels dug by drug runners. The only thing they do is hold your country back as it did China for a thousand years

It would be interesting to know just how many immigrants work at his properties and if they are all legal.

As this man states that 4,000 terrorists have been stopped at the border, the office of Homeland Security says the number is 41 and that only six of those were immigrants. He states he may take money from the Pentagon to build his border wall. This would amount to impoundment and can only be approved by the Congress .

Our ballooning national debt comes as a result of his massive tax cuts for the wealthy. He stated that companies would bring money back to the U.S. because of this tax cut and it hasn’t happened. He takes credit for any rise in the stock market but accepts no responsibility for the roller coaster ride that the market is now on because of his tariffs.

Interest rates are not the factor he would have you believe as everyone knows they are coming and can plan accordingly. And the tax bill has resulted in higher premiums and less benefits in the health care arena as a result of the elimination of the individual mandate. Congress has had over eight years, and this man over two, to come up with a workable health plan for our citizens but have let their desire for re-election override the welfare of the people.

As we see nearly 800,000 people furloughed or forced to work without pay, we need to be reminded that slavery, of which this is akin, was abolished over 150 years ago. He cares nothing about families who will not be able to pay their mortgages or rent and not be able to put food on the table because of his temper tantrum. He is only interested in stroking his ego. He has stated that federal workers are behind him. Yet Paul Shearon, president of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, states there is no support for this among his members.

Our Congress has reached bipartisan agreements only to have him turn against them after stating he would support them. He can’t seem to remember from one day to the next the comments he has made.

Our judiciary has been assailed with malicious comments because they have ruled against him. Several of these judges were Republican appointments and one was a judge HE appointed. Our judiciary is there to protect us from those who would be autocrats.

And as every parent, school and church tries to impress upon our children that bullying is unacceptable, we are faced with the biggest cyberbully in the world sitting in the Oval Office. Name calling and demeaning people seems to be the only thing he knows. I truly feel sorry that this is the example his young son has to follow.

The United States has become the laughing stock of the world. Allies and even adversaries know that we can no longer be trusted. With all the things needed in this country, infrastructure, better education, cleaner air, jobs, answers to the looming Medicare shortfall, etc., let’s get on to doing the jobs he and the Congress took an oath to do.

Let’s make them understand they are there for the benefit of the people and the country — not to line their own pockets and puff up their egos.

Doris W. Draper is a resident of Houston.

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