COMMENTARY: Wanted: One presidential candidate worthy of office

I don’t know about you, but I am personally fed up with all the hoopla over the presidential primaries that is going on.

First, I could care less whether Hillary, Bernie, Ted, Donald or Marco get their respective party nominations.

I personally believe the most qualified candidate, and the one who should be the next president, declined to run, and that’s our own Joe Biden.

David Bonar

David Bonar

From the day President Obama was sworn into office, the pundits and national media focused on Hillary Clinton as the heir apparent and anointed one to carry the banner for the Democratic Party. I have found this to be offensive.

To think the media has shaped the politics of our country is simply confounding to me, and if the general populace accepts this, they get what they deserve.

The aura of classified emails, and other things about Mrs. Clinton, simply turn me off. As a veteran, and one who worked around classified equipment and documents, breaking those classifications was, and should be, a criminal offense.

We are at war with a variety of entities who would love nothing more than to see our country fall from power, and we need to be ever vigilant of that.

Our Republican-leaning media wonks (read that Fox, etc.) have done nothing better. They’ve allowed a self-aggrandizing media circus in the form of Donald Trump to make headlines.

The division in the political parties could not be more evident, whether it’s between the Democrats and Republicans or the ideologues that permeate both sides of the aisle.

People should realize it is not the president who runs the country. It is Congress. The president proposes and Congress enacts. We should be paying far more attention to whom we send there.

This is not a time for division. It is a time for us, as Americans, to come together. Not one of the presidential candidates there, today, has been able to bring us there, and I fear for the future of our great nation unless someone steps forward to unite these United States of America.

Editor’s note: David Bonar, of Dover, is the Public Advocate of the Delaware Division of the Public Advocate, and previously served on Dover City Council. Here, he expresses his personal opinion as an individual citizen.

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