Commentary: What could we become if Democrats get more power?

When I wrote my first submission for this paper in July 2016, “The Slow Destruction of Democracy,” I did not realize how quickly the Democrats would sink into the abyss of total party partisan politics after President Trump won the election.

Since then, the Democrats have continuously fought the president by resorting to stonewalling and vitriolic rhetoric versus proposing policies that would improve the lives of everyday Americans. They have done absolutely nothing to further the plight of poor, neglected and homeless American citizens, many of whom are veterans!

Instead, their silence on the homeless problem in major U.S. cities, controlled by Democrats, is deafening. What will their response be when a major epidemic breaks out in one of those tent cities? They will blame the president. Rather than try to improve the lives of American citizens, they have forsaken the rule of law, the very premise on which our great country was founded, and thrown their full support to protecting illegal aliens.

They are fighting to destroy our democratic republic and replace it with a socialistic government. Of course, it will be the Democrats who rule (not govern) the new socialistic government.

While the Democrats would like you to believe that they support the plight of illegal aliens, they have actually implemented a cruel and inhumane strategy to win the 2020 election. That strategy uses the misery of illegal aliens in their fight against the president. The Democrats do not want a secure border nor do they want to stem the incredible flow of illegal aliens. As an example, we’ve seen a Democratic presidential hopeful cross the border with illegal aliens. Talk about pandering for future votes! What makes this strategy so cruel and inhumane?

It’s cruel and inhumane because Democrats don’t care about the overcrowding or the children they profess to be supporting. All they care about is a 6 p.m. photo op showing the overcrowding that allows them to harp on alleged injustice to families and children. The Democrats are masters at tugging the heart strings of Americans by decrying just how cruel the Trump administration is to those seeking asylum. If the Democrats really cared about those people, they would pass legislation to revise our asylum laws.

However, that flies in the face of their real agenda, the potential for millions of future votes. Listen to all of the Democratic presidential hopefuls — an open border; medical care for illegal aliens; driver’s licenses for illegal aliens; and a host of other “free” programs for non-citizens. How long do you think it will be before the Democrats, if they get back into power, give illegal aliens the right to vote?

The House has done nothing to alleviate the overcrowding problem. Instead, it took a Senate bill, rammed down Pelosi’s throat to get money appropriated to help alleviate the overcrowding. However, who were the four female Congressional representatives who voted against the bill? They claim the misery these people are suffering, being forced to drink toilet water and children in cages, needs to be stopped by the racist “occupant” of the White House, but they couldn’t vote for help? Hypocrisy at its finest.

I am sick and tired of hearing the Democrats shove their definition of the American values of compassion, morals and integrity down my throat. I learned compassion, morals, and integrity from my parents. I resent some Democrat trying to define my morals by using emotional language at every available sound bite.

Stop the tear-jerking machine, kids. Every one of us with compassion, morals and integrity knows you are pandering for votes. What once was a manufactured crisis is now seen a humanitarian crisis, and those who support the president in his efforts to secure the border and solve this humanitarian crisis are characterized as inhumane. What a wonderful irony, the very strategy used by the Democrats is turned on the American public, as if we were inhumane for not agreeing with them!! Don’t solve the problem, exacerbate it.

What scares me the most is the full and unapologetic support the Fourth Estate (newspapers and TV) is providing the Democrats as they pander for votes. The Fourth Estate has eschewed their very reason for existence, reporting the news objectively. Sadly, the major networks along with CNN and MSNBC are no more than shills for the Democrat Party. They report their opinions and opinions of others as news, huge difference. Report the news and let people form their own opinions. Do not tell me what to believe.

As the Fourth Estate lives and breathes the ideology of the Democrats, our democratic republic dies a slow and painful death.

The 2020 elections are getting closer. Aside from voting for the president in Delaware, we will vote for a senator and our sole House representative. Have either of them said anything about the foul language and ideas used and proposed by the “squad?” Have they given us any clue as to how they feel about open borders, Medicare for all, free college tuition and free money for everyone? Their silence tells me that they fully support all of those policies and are nothing more than socialists who want government control of our entire lives.

Frank Daniels, of Dover, is a retired colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve.

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