Commentary: Who’s lying about the wall and immigration?

Democrats call “The Wall” a “manufactured crisis” because like the three monkeys, they see, hear, and speak no crisis on our southern border. Their “uncrisis” has sanctioned a three-decades long invasion of illegals now 22 to 40 million strong, diluting our culture and weakening our economy.

We see pictures of existing “fences” on TV with illegals climbing them easily and sitting on top for the cameras. They don’t even need ladders! These fences are decades old, inadequate and deteriorating. They need repairs and improvements if they can be salvaged at all. They have been a speed bump to the invasion. We have 700 miles of ineffective fences. Dems claim walls don’t work, but they show us fences.

Trump will build real walls that will stop most illegals and allow smaller units of Border Patrol to be effective. A strong unclimbable wall will also discourage illegals and force them to Ports of Entry (PoE) where resources can be strengthened to efficiently handle valid refugee claims and turn back the rest. That will anger corporate employers (in both parties) curtailing future Democratic voters and cheap labor. You can see why Trump has trouble getting his own party to support him. He is a threat to major donors in both parties.

Some say Trump’s reasoning for building a wall is vanity. But other options will not work or be less efficient without the wall! The wall is the foundation of a secure border.

Illegal border crossings may be down, but they will not continue to decline. What will happen when the next Democratic president takes office? Or our economy remains strong. Or Central American countries become more oppressive. We need the permanence of a strong border wall.

Four thousand terrorists were caught at the airports, not at the southern border. Should we then stop looking for terrorists at the border? We need enforcement in airports and borders.

Visa overstays must be addressed. Dems have been in charge for eight of the last 10 years, and they have done nothing, besides give us $10 trillion more debt? The Dems should work with Trump and do something other than playing more semantic and political games.

Illicit drugs come mostly through PoE in cars and trucks. The wall would free up men and equipment to strengthen PoE for more inspections and searches.

There are claims that crime rates in border counties are lower than other counties? But illegals continue moving to other parts of the country. And illegals who commit crimes are crimes over and above any that would have been committed in the U.S. by those who belong here. Deportation without walls is a very bad joke.

Open spaces are patrolled by sensors and drones. So how many illegals have these devices detained? Do they just count how many got away? More border agents must be available to monitor and chase down intruders in open spaces.

Fifty-four percent of Americans may not want a wall, but a healthy majority wants border security? It’s all in how you ask the question. We have a hard-working border force, but they are constantly asking for efficient walls to be built. Their morale is rising because they know Trump is doing his formidable best to give them what they need.

Our country has many problems, we need problem solvers. Cut the diversions and scare tactics on both sides and get this done. Walls do work, they are moral as they protect both sides, they are permanent, efficient, and necessary. Let’s get it done!

Armand Carreau is a resident of Bridgeville.

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