Commentary: Will Democrats allow America to move forward?

Now, at last, after two-plus years of investigation and millions of taxpayer dollars furnished to the special counsel’s investigation of Trump-Russian collusion the conclusions have been reached with the end result stating that “no further indictments are forthcoming in his (Mueller’s) investigation.”

The Democratic leadership is deeply disappointed and aggrieved that the president has been not been accused of Russian collusion during the 2016 presidential election era. Dems were banking on the opposite end result by Special Counsel Mueller to unequivocally prove that President Trump did, indeed, participate with Russians to achieve his presidency.

Their losing attitudes and investigations are wasting more taxpayer money and valuable time when other major problematic issues and concerns await their participation. No, they are fully determined to focus solely on taking down the POTUS. They refuse to let their nightmare investigations end. Their pursuit to destroy President Trump will never end as long as the Democrats keep beating that dead horse of destruction. Why can’t they more forward with American vital issues and problems? Congress should be working across the aisle and at all levels to achieve these important goals.

All the Democrats tell us is that “America must know the truth.” America desperately wants strong infrastructure programs, homeland security, the end of illegal immigration, cyber security, economy growth, environmental resolutions, health care solutions and positive results in our major electrical grid problems. Will the Dems actually address these most important concerns OR will they focus primarily all their efforts on taking down President Trump?

Don’t bet the farm they will give up the latter. The intense hatred they express for the 45th president is visible on a daily basis by all outspoken Democratic politicians and the dedicated media circus at their command.

Although Robert Mueller was not their “ace in the hole,” Dems are now anticipating, their hopes in waiting for the results of the Southern District of New York’s Trump investigations. How long a period of time must America endure awaiting those findings? Democrats don’t care about that time frame as long as they can reach their longstanding goal of a Trump prosecution.

An obstruction of justice charge against President Trump would be icing on their poisonous cake.

The numerous 2020 Democratic hopefuls are positive that their socialistic leanings are the correct path to be taken for America’s future. They believe, of course, that there is no illegal immigration problem on our southern border. They should take a trip down there and speak with the border patrol agents who witness the nightmare of “non-existent” illegals crossing the border where a wall should be in place.

Dems prefer not to see the truth although they consistently request that veracity must be established. These same individuals cannot complain about the low unemployment ratios (3.9%), major manufacturing returns to our shores, tax relief established for the middle class, our strong military and care now available to our beloved veterans (who never received that during the Obama administration.)

So, their focus is the overall “free for all” services. Services they also want for all illegal immigrants including Social Security and their right to vote. Socialism does not work for America. Capitalism has made this country the successful nation it has become.

President Trump may not be the articulate, polite politician we have all become accustomed to viewing — all talk, little action. Trump speaks his mind, directly stated and viewed by some as offensive. He has been “offensive” to our NATO allies by telling it like it was. They listened to words never spoken by any former American president “Pay Your Fair Share.” They may have been offended but they did just that.

They are doing what they should have been doing all along. Polite rhetoric didn’t work in the past but the direct approach did. President Trump does speak with other foreign leaders who have been viewed as adversarial but not so conversant with other presidents. The directness works with these foreign adversaries. They respect strength, not political jargon.

As memory serves, in 2012 when President Obama met with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev he stated, “I can be more flexible after the election.” Not one word of discontent was uttered by the Democratic leadership concerning that cryptic statement. It was completely an acceptable recourse spoken by their president of choice. What a difference their chosen president is compared to the current president not of their preference.

America deserves the best all politicians, at all levels of government, must offer. Working together would be a positive beginning to attain an achievable conclusion. Is that just to be entered into the Washington, D.C. “wish list”? Reality will make America great again.

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan is a resident of Dover.

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