Commentary: Wind farm debate

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Fenwick Island resident headlined “Offshore wind farm projects would destroy ocean views” wherein he says “Skipjack and other offshore wind energy companies are looking to use the tallest wind turbines in the world, measuring 853 feet or three times taller than the turbine in Lewes. As planned, these turbines will be in plain view from the Delaware shoreline both day and night (with flashing red beacon lights). This will forever destroy the pristine ocean vista that people have assumed would never change.

“Renewable clean energy is a good thing, but offshore wind turbines visible from Delaware’s Atlantic coastline should not be allowed. In fact, many official groups are against placing these large turbines off shore including, Ocean City, Maryland, state of Maryland’s Assateague Park, the Assateague National Park, Army Corps of Engineers, Homeland Security, The Coast Guard, The town of Fenwick Island, MERR, and several wildlife groups.”

• You want renewable energy but you don’t want to pay the price for it. You don’t want to give up your precious view so you say move them on land but you don’t want to give up the land to put them on. Do you have any idea what 853 feet high looks like at 13 miles away? Do you realize how much lubricating oil is used in one of these windmills? Do you realize how much fossil fuel is used to make one? The land you want to put a wind farm on, wooded land, cut down the trees? I’m tired of hearing I want I want I want but not willing to give. — David A. Gibson

•To me, the best view would be an ocean with wind farms in them, I think it would not only look cool but at the same time you would have satisfaction knowing it’s renewable energy , build em up I say!— Christopher Joyce

•Who is going to repair them and the damage caused when they disintegrate? Who removes them when they become unserviceable or obsolete? — Dennis Mehrenberg

• This is commentary. He has no education or clinical data to back up his claims. There are wind farms around the world without the problems he is inferring to. I liken his statement of “should be done the right way” to that of many of the current administration in Washington DC about anything they choose to deregulate. And then nothing us ever done. Either bring profound proof of your statements or accept that they are mere opinions. — Dennis Norwood

• If we don’t move to clean, green energy, the world will be ruined and no one will have to worry about the ability to view any natural beauty. — Eric Morrison

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