Commentary: Adding chaos to a chaotic presidency

Mr. Roof, I read your commentary in the DSN on Dec. 21. As usual, another letter full of conspiracy and lacking substance. How can you accuse the former administration and the DOJ of corruption over the Steele Dossier? As far as I am concerned, that document was handed out like Easter candy. Nothing was ever corroborated. At least the Democrats had the decency to deal with an ally. Trump Jr. did business with the Russians, got caught, then tried to deny it, and his own electronic network ratted him out.

The FBI had enough credible intelligence to start an investigation. Carter Page was no pawn. He was just naive to the art of spycraft and recruitment, He (Page) had traveled to Russia doing speaking engagements. The problem is at one event he was seen with an individual the FBI had under surveillance as a known member of the FSB.

As you know Mr. Roof, the Russians have been known to recruit Americans to spy on their country (Aldrich Hazen Ames, Richard Hanssen). The phone tapping incident never occurred. Read James Comey’s book and Andrew McCabe. They tell the whole story. After Page left Russia, he tried to join Trump’s campaign. So now we have two groups doing business with a Cold War adversary and not one call to the FBI. In the end, Carter Page did not get charged with anything.

Trump likes confrontation. That’s why I call him “Chaos Theory”, and all he has caused has come crashing down on him. A chairman of a congressional hearing cannot request personal info without proper clearances, need to know, and they have to follow set criteria. If it does not meet it, the info does not get released. The witnesses don’t need firsthand knowledge of the charges. Look at all the people/agencies listening in.

As for this dubious Lt. Col (Vindman) you accused of violating the UCMJ and lying, you know very little about the NSC. As an officer attached to this agency, wearing of the uniform is optional. It has been that way since the NSC was formed. It would be nice if both parties participated, but not with the current political environment. I did like Fiona Hill’s well-placed testimony.

Trump has this black mark on his presidency and no big pink eraser is going to make it go away. As for the Republicans, this party reminds me of two military blunders: Charge of the Light Brigade and Custer’s last stand.

The former’s 3000 go into the valley and only less than 300 come out. They will repeat this the next day, the latter you can figure out on your own. Also Mr. Roof, remember the whistleblower(s) are still out there. We will know soon enough.

Lonnie Brewer is a resident of Dover.