Commentary: Bernie’s move will influence Biden

By Frank Daniels

As we begin to possibly see the light at the end of the tunnel with the coronavirus pandemic, politics will once again start creeping into our lives.  The announcement by Bernie Sanders to suspend his campaign, yet stay on the ballet to accumulate more delegates, is a very loud signal that he is going to push as hard as he can to move Joe farther to the left.  Forget that Joe is already there; Bernie intends to push Joe even farther left.

Bernie’s announcement was masterful as it allowed him to attach his cord to those already manipulating the puppet, Joe Biden.  Unless something drastic happens with the Democratic nominating process, Joe will be the nominee.  He stands virtually no chance of beating President Trump in November.

To those of you who hate our president: I truly believe he loves this country, and more importantly, its people. I understand he is caustic and extremely non-political, but look at what he has accomplished during the past three years. Plus, he managed those accomplishments despite the absolute and total hatred some Democrats have for him.

Let’s contrast his policies to those of the now extremely leftist Democrats.  The Democrats believe that they, through incredibly expanded government control and programs, can provide a better life for you and me.  From their perspective, the programs they tout will provide everyone equal access across the board.  Forget about the ideas of personal responsibility and individual accountability, forget that America was built on the concept of the American dream.  The Democrats will destroy that concept with their idea that government, not the individual, is capable of providing us a better life.

The question is, how are they going to accomplish their policies?  The federal deficit is now $23,000,000,000,000+.  Yes, that’s what $23 trillion looks like as a number.  Given the amount of money Congress has appropriated for the pandemic and what they are currently contemplating, I estimate we will increase the deficit by at least 25-35%, if not more, in the next six to eight months.  I am convinced that no one, especially our politicians, understands the long-term implications of that 25-35%+ increase.  I understand the need now, but I believe the main concern of many of our politicians is inserting their policy demands into any law that gets passed during this crisis.  The addition of wasteful funding (i.e., $25 million for the Kennedy Center of the Arts) depletes the amount of money available for those truly in need, and during this pandemic, when our legislators need to act as one, makes a mockery of the legislative process. 

Prior to this pandemic, reckless government spending had already mortgaged the future of our children and grandchildren.  When you add in the additional 25-35%+ increase, what will be the ramifications and how soon will they be felt?  Interest rates won’t always be near or at zero, and it’s going to take longer than projected to get the economy fully rolling again.

Given the above, to keep our democratic republic alive and well, it is tantamount that President Trump win in November, the Republicans take back the House, and maintain their majority in the Senate.  If Joe and the Democrats win, socialism will become our form of government, the tax increases will be monumental, and the federal deficit will skyrocket further.  Their belief that everything is a human right and therefore should be free will be the cornerstone of the destruction of our democratic republic.  No matter how much Joe and company tries to convince you, nothing is free.

Frank Daniels lives in Dover and is a retired U.S. Army Reserve colonel.