Commentary: Bernie’s social and economic revolution

By Frank Daniels

George Floyd was murdered. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that statement, and all four officers need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Peaceful protests have now erupted into a national travesty of full-blown rioting, looting and destruction. Worse, the Democratic governors and mayors who refuse to protect all their citizens are complacent in the anarchists’ attempts to completely and utterly destroy our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and therefore, the United States of America. Look at what’s happening in Seattle and threatening in other major cities across this country controlled by Democrats.

When secularism replaced faith in our society, Common Core became the catalyst to destroy our secondary educational system, collegiate educational systems began to preach socialism and the seeds of antifa and anarchy were planted. Over the years, those seeds grew into incredibly strong and well-financed movements. Today, we are witnessing the full brunt of their absolute and total desire to destroy our great nation.

As we watch our cities burn, there are shades of the late ’60s. Where are the Democratic voices of reason and sanity? The Democrats and their sycophant media blame President Donald Trump. In reality, when it’s an absolute necessity for all of this country to come together, they are siding with and approving the tactics used by antifa and other radical organizations. Why? Ask Bernie Sanders. He’s been preaching the need for a revolution, and we have one now. Understand that one of the main supporters and introducer of Bernie at his rally’s is a major force in the sacrosanct (are they?) group called Black Lives Matter.   The question is, who will win – our nation or those who wish to tear it apart, rebuilding it in their image?

The Democrats have been praying for a reason to unleash antifa and other radical organizations. They knew full well that Joe Biden didn’t stand an ice cube’s chance in hell at beating President Trump. Four incompetent police officers gave them a golden opportunity.

To make the timing even better, most locations were just beginning to resume some type of normal operation. The riots have slowed and, in some instances, stopped that process. In many cases, businesses that might have been able to reopen are now gone forever. The Democrats are getting their prayers answered. I am sure they now see a potential path to victory in November. However, Joe still can’t keep his mouth shut. He now believes 10% to 15% of our population are “not good people.”

If you question the above, where are Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama and his wife, Oprah Winfrey, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the unholy four, et al.? Their voices are silent because they believe in the philosophy of anarchy preached by antifa and others. America to them has always been unjust. Now, they have an opportunity to remake her in their image.

The bellowing now to defund the police is the next major step to anarchy. Without police, will antifa and other extreme organizations become our new police force? In the paper June 5, an article titled, “Group calls for citizen oversight of Delaware’s police,” offered 12 goals for their oversight committee. One of them was “establish alternatives to police presence in our communities.” Alternatives to police? What do they mean? Do they mean antifa?

Additionally, the attorney general of Delaware, Kathy Jennings, is “grateful for the organizer’s time and voice.” Without the police, we lose the basis of our legal system, the rule of law. It’s imperative that we improve our screening efforts in accepting/rejecting applicants for our police departments and that we hold police officers accountable for their actions in the same way every citizen is held accountable.

The extreme danger we face today will either be quelled by all our politicians working together or, God forbid, by citizens who will protect their property. Wanton looting and destruction is an obscenity to our rule of law. If the anarchists win, they will determine what the rules are and what the law is. To them, it’s simple: There is no such thing as personal property or wealth. Everything is to be shared equally; however, they will determine the definition of equal sharing.

Frank Daniels lives in Dover and is a retired U.S. Army Reserve colonel