Commentary: Capitalism vs. Socialism in the United States

By Beverly Monahan

The Democrat left-wingers who are guiding their party to an endless round of failure never learned “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” 

All the elaborate plans for free “everything” will be paid by somebody. Billionaires are not the answer. It will have the unfortunate “trickle-down” effect and once more be burdened upon the hard-working middle-class members of our society. No pie-in-the-sky experience is the reality of such visions of salvation offered by Democratic delusions.

Capitalism endorsed and benefited by the American will to succeed has always been the accepted practice for all Americans to seek and fulfill their desire to reach the pinnacle of their chosen endeavors. It is the American way!  

Our forefathers never wanted Americans to be told they must bow to any governmental control that would eliminate their individual freedoms. Americans have fought and died to enable all Americans to live free and succeed for themselves and all future generations to come. America is the Home of the Free Because of The Brave!

Capitalism is an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit. It offers all Americans the opportunity to participate and focus on their goals to achieve this qualified intent. These opportunities for individual accomplishment are not offered by democratic socialism and never will be.  It is not feasible for any democratic socialist to extend a viable alternative that guarantees the same advantages.  Their way is the “new” American vision of a fruitless reality.  The American majority will never accept their radical, extremist, conjectural way of life, and will never adhere to their drastic and destructive concept while descending America into a Third World existence.

The socialistic government would determine approval of the correct status of our very lives.  This advent of their “new” American lifestyle would lead us down the eventual path to a disintegration of individual freedoms. These governmental controls of American life would determine our futures according to their socialistic platforms.

Based on the  glorified promise of that “new” America, it is quite understandable that young Americans are intrigued by the decreed socialistic programs of Medicare for All, Abolishment of all past school expenditures, a free education and healthcare for all including Illegal Immigrants.  Their difficulty to commit to the actual cost for these grand ideas has never been explained nor committed by any Socialistic spokesperson or campaigner.  More dangerous conceptions of democratic socialism.   

An example: U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wondered if, due to the severity of climate change, it was OK to have children. Fearmongering at its best!

I would classify democratic socialism as follows:

• Much property held by the public through a democratically elected government, including most major industries, utilities and transportation systems.

• A limit on the accumulation of private property.

• Governmental regulation of the economy. “Regulation Nation” returns.

• Extensive publicly financed assistance and pension programs.

• Social costs and the provision of services added to purely financial considerations as the measure of efficiency.

Once again, no explicit explanation of payment for their programs has ever been explained.  Financial analysis is not their strong suit.

The middle-of-the road Democrats have lost control and have permitted their party to be ruled by radical representation of a once proud political party.  If they do not have the stamina and backbone to retake command of this unstable unit, their futures will be destined to descend to the desecration of established American honor and trust.  

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly E. Monahan is a resident of Dover.