Commentary: Democrats should take their ball and go home

By George Roof

After reading the headline (“Bye,, democracy; Hello, King Donald the First”) to today’s editorial, (Feb. 2) I was convinced that this must be part of the Babylon Bee satire. Instead it seems that the State News has become so bereft of our homegrown bantering, they now resort to finding a radical left wing hack from Pennsylvania.

Dick Polman’s only claim to fame comes from a liberal blog and his claim to have been “hooked on journalism” since childhood. If that were the case, do you think his degree in “public affairs” would have been to matriculated into journalism instead of being employed by a taxpayer-funded television network?

It is even more insulting that you would print the garbage this guy wrote. He spent the majority of the column regurgitating proven lies foisted on us by the DNC and the remainder on trying to slander Alan Dershowitz, a man whose pedigree makes Polman look like the joke he is.

This guy is part of the same crowd of socialists who at first said the president had lied about the deep state monitoring his calls and penetrating his inner sanctum in trying to dig dirt. When proven correct, they quickly jumped to “Russian collusion”. That little foray cost taxpayers $12 billion and was disproven. Then came the infamous “Quid Pro Quo”, and though many of you liberals are still clinging to that, there was absolutely no firsthand proof bought forth. As if you hadn’t made big enough fools of yourselves, then came the lame “obstruction of justice”.

That was probably the silliest up to that point since, if a president claims executive privilege in our three-tier separate but equal branches of government, the opposing branch has to file charges with the Supreme Court. Instead you sent out Wimpy and Popeye as your “managers”. Heralding the desire for a “fair trial”, they refused every Republican witness.

Instead of constitutional protection of the law and being able to confront witnesses against you, these two clowns made a mockery of the system that has prevailed in this country for nearly 245 years. Then they pompously parade their weak case over to the Senate and demand the Senate do what the Constitution mandates that they perform.

Polman’s headline is especially despicable and inflammatory in other ways. Most of us aren’t so young that we’d forget the Obama administration running roughshod over the Constitution and his stating he didn’t need Congress because he had a pen and a phone.

We didn’t forget his sanctioning the shipment of guns to Mexican cartels and then trying to blame lawful gun dealers in order to weaken the 2nd Amendment. We haven’t forgotten his happy bombing of five other countries without a whimper from Democrats. We didn’t even hear anything about how he loaded billions of dollars on pallets and sent them to a terrorist nation prior to his welcomed eviction from the White House.

Yet the irony of this is, Donald Trump had the temerity to ask a question of a country that Obama had “handed over to Joe Biden.” I mean, can you imagine Burisma hiring on someone like, say, Dick Polman? Why would any business hire a person who’d been dishonorably discharged from the Navy, could not speak or write their language, and with absolutely no experience to their board if it wasn’t for favors in return.

Why did Hunter Biden join Joe on his forays to China and come home with a big contract to the Chinese? And this is who you want to serve as president and have the gall to say Donald Trump wants to become king. Even Babylon Bee couldn’t have made up satire to equal the truth.

Guys like Dick Polman take their lead from Saul Alinksy. They would rather this great nation elect someone who made significant personal gain while dealing with allied countries, than to support a man who’s always put American ideals up front and got paid nothing to do it.

I do wonder if the few centrist, conservative liberals who remain in this shadow party would see the charade being sold to them. In the Super Bowl, the San Francisco 49ers took their defeat and went home to rebuild. In the Democrat Party, Popeye tells us they’ll continue to investigate and might possibly bring another sham of impeachment to us in the future.

After three long years of “Impeach 45”, it would seem that most patriotic Americans have had enough. Dick Polman isn’t one of those.

George Roof is a resident of Magnolia.