Commentary: Democrats’ stance amounts to treason

With the tacit approval of the Democrats, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN are extolling the virtues of a mass murderer. Make no mistake, Soleimani was neither a revered human being nor a masterful military tactician. He was a brutal killer who had no rules of engagement, and total disregard for the Geneva Convention articles.

He killed hundreds of American servicemembers and severely maimed thousands. He didn’t care who he killed — women, children, non-combatants, fellow protesting Iranians who wanted democracy, and individuals throughout the Middle East. He was an incredibly dangerous man who was an enemy field commander, ergo a combatant, whose killing, not assassination, was fully justified.

For all of the Democrats crying about President Trump not informing Congress, he was perfectly within his right to authorize the attack and followed precedent set by presidents before him.

President Trump drew a line in the sand and when the Iranians crossed that line twice, he took appropriate, immediate, and justifiable action. Unlike the Obama/Biden policy of appeasement, which gave the Iranians and Soleimani the cash necessary to carry out terrorism across the Middle East, the president has sent a strong message to the Iranians — you need to think twice about your next moves, especially those directed the personnel of the United States.

The Democrats and the news media, with their current comments, are sending a strong message to the American population. Not only do we hate the president, we fully support the opposition in anything he does. In this case, the opposition is a terrorist nation, led by dictatorial Islamic clerics who hate the United States. So, one has to ask themselves, where is the allegiance of the Democrats and news media? Are they justifying terrorism and the unfettered killing of civilians and American soldiers, or are they for the United States and everything we believe?

The unprecedented practice of political partisan politics that has its roots in the Obama/Biden administration has festered into an ugly cancerous ulcer that is pitting American against American. They will continue to air negative comments about the president and do everything in their power to make the American public believe he is a terrible man. We call that the First Amendment. However, when they act like proxies of a terrorist government whenever they talk about the president, one has to start asking about their true agenda — democracy or something else?

Frank Daniels, of Dover, is a retired colonel in the U.S. Army reserve.