Commentary: Election fraud with results like that isn’t possible

By Dave Burris

I spent 25 years helping to elect Republican candidates, and I served as Republican chief of staff in the Delaware Senate for five legislative sessions. So please be aware that I know exactly what I’m talking about when I say this:

Donald Trump lost.

Dave Burris

He lost by a lot. A whole lot. The margin is going to be in excess of 5 million votes. Joe Biden is going to get a higher percentage of the vote than Ronald Reagan did in ’80. Biden could win both Georgia and Pennsylvania, give them back to Trump and still win the Electoral College. The fact that there are tens of millions of Americans out there who believe this election was stolen only proves how catastrophically broken our country is.

George W. Bush versus Al Gore was close — 537 votes when the Supreme Court ordered Florida to stop counting — and could have been affected by fraud. Maybe.

But you simply can’t “fraud” your way to 5 million votes and 300-plus in the Electoral College.

I have studied voter fraud, how it works and how our opponents could logistically pull it off. Democrats can’t “fraud” their way to a 50,000-vote margin in a state with heightened scrutiny from a Republican legislature like Pennsylvania. Republicans run the elections in Georgia and Arizona. You just can’t do it at that level. Period.

This is not to say that voter fraud doesn’t exist. It says that widespread voter fraud on the scale that could give Biden the presidency doesn’t exist. Not even close.

If you want the word of a true expert, I give you Ben Ginsberg. This guy is one of the quintessential Republican bulldog election lawyers. He was front and center in Bush versus Gore and every other major GOP recount in recent history, as well as designed many Republican laws to prevent fraud.

So when he says, “I know there’s no evidence for systemic fraud because I had spent the better part of every election for four decades working in Republican poll watcher programs and Election Day operations,” this is not some “liberal, squish never-Trumper.” This guy is as hardcore as it gets.

To everyone who supported Trump, please don’t go down the abyss of thinking this election was stolen. The future of our country is on the line.

There are stakes here greater than any previous election in modern history. There is a distinct and existential difference between attempting to cast doubt on what Biden might do as president and dishonestly delegitimizing the institution that put him there. One gives us combative politics in a democracy. The other puts us on the edge of being a banana republic. Don’t cross that line.

We all live in a bubble, including you and me. We are all being fed varying degrees of slant and bias, and social media platforms are competing for our attention by giving us more of what we like, which leads us directly to extremism every time we hit the “Like” button.

But right now, on the American political right, the amount of disinformation is astounding. So if you’re thinking that somehow Trump won this election and it is being stolen from him, you absolutely must somehow find a way to burst the information bubble you’re in.

For all of you who now want to attack me for being an idiot or a “Republican in Name Only” or a Russian operative or whatever, here’s the deal: We have a remedy for fraud. If I’m wrong and there’s massive fraud, the president’s legal team will find it and present it in court, and we’ll know. But if all this fraud talk is actually a phony distraction from the genuine election results, we’ll know that, too.

Dave Burris is the former Republican chief of staff in the Delaware Senate. He lives in Lewes.