Commentary: Excuses, brags and falsehoods about Trump

Beverly Monahan’s piece (12/26), “Eyes wide open when supporting the president,” reassures us (and her critic, Ken Abraham) that she is not loony, not hard of hearing, and “…more well informed than Mr. ‘A’ believes.” Here are some of my thoughts on all that.

She excuses Trump for refusing to cooperate with the House impeachment proceedings and ignoring subpoenas by asking “ [who]…would willingly enter that lion’s den…?” Trump swore an oath to uphold the law. Therefore, refusing to cooperate with the law is a crime and it is called obstruction. POTUS is not above the law. But, Trump sometimes acts as if he is a king.

Monahan’s next big mistake is to bash EPA regulations. Air, water, and environmental pollution — to name just a few — are all major problems that result in serious negative medical consequences. If you can’t say anything about lead, asbestos, coal dust, carcinogens, smog then you better get over to your local public library and do some homework.

Monahan’s next paragraph starts by bragging about the tweeting on the internet but ends with a vague endorsement of Trump’s “bully & bulldozery” style of diplomacy. She is unaware that a big fraction of tweeters are robots. Often persons who send tweets are not who they say they are. Tweets are usually simplistic and shallow. They often contain rumors that are presented and accepted as facts by tweeters. Both Twitter and Facebook have been recently removing very large numbers of fake accounts because they are sources of misinformation and disinformation.

Next is Monahan’s pronouncement on Trump’s Ukraine call. I listened to or read most of the testimonies of the witnesses to that fiasco. All of the witnesses understood that it was a pure shakedown to get Ukraine to dig up or invent dirt on Joe Biden so it helps Trump’s re-election. Trump is supposed to be working for the USA and its people, not himself.

Monahan’s pronouncement on the Mueller Report is another kangaroo court. I read that report, cover to cover. It very well documented a whole range of shady acts, defiant statements, name-calling, lies, questionable arm-twisting, many suspicious contacts with Russians, and came up with many guilty pleas and indictments and prison time for some. It did not exonerate Trump. It blew me away when — in the Mueller Report — so many of Trump’s written answers to the written questions given to him by Mueller began with the phrase “I do not recall….” and in at least one case “I decline to answer.” Does anyone out there think Trump ever hesitates, waffles, or can’t remember or at least says something even if its usually a lie or untrue? It was pure defiant, deliberate and insulting obstruction of justice.

Arthur E. Sowers is a resident of Harbeson